Jun 15, 2014

Father's Day

To those of us that lost our dads
today will bring some tears.

To those of you that have your dads
give hugs and hold them near.

For there will come a time when
you'll look back upon the years,

And wish you had just one more day
with the Dad you held so dear.

I knew that time would come and
it was one of my biggest fears.

But I didn't know that time wouldn't lessen
the pain of not having him here.



C. M. Designs said...

Marly, I lost my Dad in 1979 and the tears still flow when I think about him. I miss him everyday.
I know you'll be thinking about and missing your Dad today.
Hugs, Charlotte

Primitive Stars said...

Oh a sad day for some of us Marly, miss my Father every day. Touching post, Hugs Francine.

Margs Primitive Quilts said...

I was remembering all the great get together so we always had with our big family for Fathers Day. Thank heaven for memories! We will Always miss them.
Enjoy your day.
Hugs Marg.

Margaret said...

A beautiful poem. I still have my dad -- I'm lucky. I lost my mom years ago though, and miss her still.

KimM said...

This is so beautiful.Thank you -

Carol said...

Very touching poem, Marly... I've had a particularly hard time this Father's Day as I still have my dad, but I really don't. With his dementia he is just a shell of the father I remember and he no longer knows his four children at all... There are so many times I wish I could just have one day to spend with that brilliant, funny father who used to be.

Thank you, Marly...

Laurie Arp said...

My Dad passed away in 2009 but I really lost him twice. The first time to Alzheimer disease and many years later when he died.
Thanks for the heartfelt poem. I've grieved twice for my Dad... and think of him so very often wishing for that one more day when he remembered who I was.

Anonymous said...

Very well said. It's been five years and I cannot believe he's gone. Our family misses him every day. Thank you for the lovely post.

Timi said...

This poem is so beautiful!!! Thank you!!

Penny said...

Hard for me to believe that my dad has been gone 49 years. Wish we could have had more time together.... I was just 11. Miss him every day..... Very touching poem, Marly.... tfs.

Barb said...

A beautiful poem plus very true. My Dad has been gone quite awhile and I still think of things I'd like to tell him.

Melody said...

What a touching poem! I miss my Dad and think of him often. Thanks for sharing.

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