Jun 14, 2014

Happy Flag Day

Greetings on this sunny Saturday.  I hope your weekend is off to a great start.  I just had to post this and share.  I think I may have come up with the perfect putty formula.  Enough pink tones to not turn green under lights, enough warmth to not be cold, darker than cream but lighter than a mid tone.  Eureka!!!   The little sample jars are great and believe me I bought a ton of them, but you can't get the exact breakdown of tints in such a small amount.  All my dark samples were dumped into a plastic coffee can, same with the lights, and after mixing well, the color is not bad!  I'm sure I can use them somewhere.   Here is the new and possibly FINAL formula. 
AXL 0...6    CL-0...96   LL-0...345
If you happen to be around Hobby Lobby, stop in for their clearance of Sullivan floss.  NINE cents a skein!  I found them on the clearance wall, not with the DMC.  Did I need floss?  Absolutely not, but I can't pass a bargain and some colors are a little nicer than the DMC match.
The cats are content!  I keep a folded cardboard box here and this is where I sprinkle and rub in catnip.  They love to slide around the cardboard when rolling from their high.  Then they sleep!
I'll be painting this afternoon, and this time, it will not change. Famous words, huh?
I can't believe how bad my memory has become. I may have to start sleeping in my bra so I don't forget it when dressing. Not than anyone could tell the difference, but I have a habit of flapping my top during a hot flash and that may create a different type of flashing.
Not pretty.
Have a great day!!!


Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

OMGosh ... How funny and I do not need a visual to picture that flapping part. Thanks for the laff, I needed one today. Love your flag on the door. Maybe a kitty would be good for us. Yours are all so precious.

Happy Day to all,

Krista said...

Happy Flag Day! Love that flag on your door. Kitties look quite content... maybe I need some catnip too, lol!

Margaret said...

lol about flapping! Love how the kitties love their catnip spot. They look so content. Glad you found the perfect color finally. Hope the painting goes well!

Rachael Ball said...

The flashing made me chuckle! My MIL calls them 'personal summers' haha. Good summing up I think!

C. M. Designs said...

Your color looks great.. I'm going to paint my bathroom because I bought a new shower curtain.. That's a good excuse isn't it.. Your color may look nice in my bath room. I wish is had a name..
Your kitties have heaven on earth.. They really look comfy and content.
The floss colors are pretty.. I don't have a Hobby Lobby near me.. I'm upset about that too.
I wish I could burn my bra like they did back in the day.. I wouldn't be presentable out in public though..
Enjoy your weekend..
Charlotte in Virginia

Barb said...

A great color! You did great with all the floss! What a bargain.

Mugwump Woolies said...

Love the content kitties. I already sleep in my glasses...I'm drawing a line with the bra! Your home is beautiful.
Enjoy your Sunday,

Lida said...

Just 9 cent! Here I pay almost 20 times that amount! What a lucky find for you! Hope you make a new and beautiful design with them! Greetings

Robin said...

I think you have a winning paint color on your hands. Good luck! I love your flag. Great deal on the floss!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Robin in Virginia

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