Jun 26, 2014

Getting a new board

Hi everyone.  Squeak update - no change.  He came to us very thin and never really gained, even after worm pills.  Over these last two years, we have tried the very large dog cage, carriers, and a few homemade traps, but he has never ventured into one, even for the 3 cans a day plus dry food he used to eat.
 We would have to literally grab him and try to get him into a carrier.  The only vet willing to take an unhandled feral is the 88 year old that saw Bud.  We waited an hour in the waiting room with Bud crying, and that is typical for his practice.  For the very first time in two years, he stayed all day.  Budman kept him company.  I got within 5 feet and he would try to get up so I left him alone and just offered food and drink, which was not taken.  Today, he ate a few mouthfuls and left, hasn't returned yet.
I would like your suggestions for a magnetic board to hold charts.  I use LoRan but it's not large enough at 8 x10 to hold the complete page.  I have to readjust if I need to make a note in the margin which I do often.  I have the LoRan stand and like it, but before I order the 12x18 size, I checked online for options.  I'm fairly sure Mark can cut the board in half and sand the edge which would give me two 9 x 12.  Perfect.  Is there a product you like better?  I found several nice options but all were on international Ebay.  I wonder why DMC's magnet board is only sold overseas? 
Anyway, I really like the Magma from Knitter's Pride (comes in two sizes). It folds and snaps shut and there is a pocket and pen loop on the backside. Very nice looking. The only places that featured it were yarn shops and I don't know why.

 They have two models, the Simplex doesn't fold and has an easel back.
This other (Prop-it) looks nice too but I don't think you can adjust the angle for viewing.  I'll probably get the LoRan large size and the large folding Magma.  Haven't found much else but I remember seeing other options on your blogs.  Of course I made note of the product, but notes vanish.  Always.
Please let me know of anything else you feel is a handy dandy upright chart holder, large enough for a full page.  Remember when charts used to be on heavy stock full size leaflets instead of regular paper?  Ah.  Days of old. 
Have a great day!!



CathieJ said...

I can't help you with the chart holder but you did help me because I really need something to hold my 8x10 charts. So sorry that Squeak isn't doing well. He obviously gets comfort just being around you though.

Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Marly, I don't have any chart holder advise, as I have never used any. I use a cookbook holder that somebody game me, and it is constantly falling off the chair.

About Bud, was he ever tested for feline leukemia? Maybe that would explain some things.

C. M. Designs said...

A few mouthfuls sounds better than a few bites.. I'm sooo hoping that Squeak will get better like Bud did..
Charlotte in Virginia

Robin said...

Sorry to hear that Squeak is still not taking in much food or water. He is lucky to have you try.

Let us know what you decide with the magnetic board. I never understand by Loran made the smaller board.

Robin in Virginia

Annie said...

I haven't tried any of these, but I also see one by Knit Picks on Amazon that you might check out:

Amazon sells the Magma too and there are good reviews:

Sending good thoughts for Squeak.

Kerri said...

Have you thought to make your own magnetic board? You seem pretty handy from following all your home projects and they sell magnetic paint at Home Depot. I think you can even get it in various colors. Then you could paint it on whatever size works for you.

Good luck

diamondc said...

I used to see the large fold over magnetic boards a few years back at Office Max and at other office supply stores, I hope you find what you need, I feel the same way about some products sold over seas why do they not sell here they would make a bundle.
Good luck.


Margaret said...

I probably can't post a link, but Amazon carries that magnetic board you like. Try searching "Knitter's Pride Knitting Pattern Holders." It really is nice. Sorry about Squeak. So sad -- the poor thing. :(

Cricket-bug Corner said...

I have the 12x18 I hotglued flannel to the back and set it on my lap. I only use the small one if the pattern will fit all the way on it - I have one of those with flannel on the back too. Those things get cold !

Judy said...

I use a magnetic board and have the same issue. I will cut down the pattern as much as possible. I really like the knitter's pride one. Sorry the kitty isn't improving.

Judy Heartland stitcher

rsgtarte said...

Thanks for your post on magnetic boards. I need one. New cross stitcher here and appreciate all the tips. Enjoying reading your archives.


Kathy Koontz said...

I have one of the Lo Ran Prop Its. I used it for a while but right now it sits in a cabinet. I was never completely happy with the angle.

Annie thanks for the links, I am going to check them out.

I'm glad to here Squeak is eating a little better.

Melody said...

Thanks for the comments on the magnetic board issue. I have only had Lo-Ran, and didn't think to look for other options online... geesh. I like the idea of the folding one with the cover. I will have to check it out.

At least Squeak is trying to eat a little. I hope that is a positive sign and he will begin getting better.

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