Jun 27, 2014

Summer Santa

Greetings!  A beautiful day here.  Lots of outside work to catch up on after days of rain, but I received more sclerotherapy and have the 40 compression stocking from toe to my hip.  Hard to crouch for weeds and keep it clean in this mud.  This is the first time ever that my leg is burning at every one of the twenty injections.  It will come off Tuesday. 
 Squeak news - he seems to be better.  Still not eating as much as before, but more than the last few days, and he's back to roaming.  There is improvement!
I purchased the large size Magma chart holder last night from EBay.  I was debating and then it hit me.  The fabric and thread go into the pocket, the chart is held securely, just open and stitch, fold when I'm done and snap shut!  I'll be spending another day at the hospital for the second cardioversion and this is perfect for take along projects.  Usually I carry a bag and it's hard to have the chart handy, all else in my lap, and the bag in the way.  So glad I saw this and still don't know why cross stitch shops (online) don't have it.
I got an email from a new follower mentioning her love of Santas.  Got me thinking about the fellow.  I happened to find this chart last week and decided he would make a quick project while deciding on another sampler.  Thanks Jackie!  The 937 green is much darker than the photo so I changed it to 3052 and the 520 to 3051.  I doubt if I will stitch the border. 
And I have to show this kitchen from Pinterest. I am so glad I chose the lighter color for the cabinets after seeing this. I wish there were more photos to show the entire room. And yes I want to know this paint color!  Just for future reference of course.
I'll be back tonight with Fancy's new owner.
Have a great day!
Thanks for visiting.


diamondc said...

I hope your hip gets better soon and all goes well for you, I am glad to hear Squeak is eating more and getting around, we have a ferrel cat, she has really calmed down since we changed her food.
Happy stitching.


diamondc said...

I almost forgot to tell you we have this almost same color on our walls the color is called putty.
Good luck.


Truus said...

Hope it will goes well with your hip soon much better Marly. And good to hear Squeak is a little bit better now.
Your question about holding your chart--I'm using a little wooden box painting standert with a draw beneath.Out of use it's a small box just like a book.
Hope you do understand my explaining.
Good luck in the hospital Marly.
greetings,Truus from the Netherlands

Krista said...

Well how cute is that little Santa! Glad to hear Squeak is doing better. Hope you are doing better too!

Vickie said...

Yay Squeak! You and your paint!! ;)

Robin in Virginia said...

Sorry your injection sites are being troublesome this time! Nice looking Santa! Glad to hear that Squeak is doing a bit better.

Robin in Virginia

Lyn said...

Glad to hear Squeak is starting to feel better; hope you do soon as well. Bending over to pull weeds is not fun, especially once I passed the magic age of 50. One of my friends told me about the Fiskars 3 Claw Weeder, which is great for pulling weeds with taproots without bending over. Here’s someone’s youtube video of it in action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cruAPsZJwFQ There’s also a 4 prong version, but I didn’t find that at the local stores.

Barb said...

I sure hope you are doing much better soon. I love that kitchen!!

Margaret said...

Love that kitchen! Saw your other post about Squeak -- poor thing. I do hope he's doing better in general. I hope you like Pumpkin. :D

Sam I Am...... said...

Good luck to you and Squeak...it's funny because we had a farm cat that we brought in for a house cat and we called her "Squeaker" because when she meowed it sounded more like a "squeak". She was the best mouser we ever had. One time I opened the dishwasher and there was a mouse in it and she jumped in there and got it. The dish washer was empty but still I thought it was pretty amazing...poor mouse but they can be very dangerous in a house chewing on wires and such.
I love your stitchery. The santa is so cute! I hope to get some done this winter or later this summer when it's too hot to work outside and I'm done quilting and knitting for birthdays this next month. Then it will be time to start on Christmas for sure!

Carol said...

Sorry to hear you're having pain from the sclerotherapy, Marly--I can't imagine! Do you have to have treatment every year? Hope it feels better very soon.

Glad to see a new Santa is in the works--I like your changes in greens. I tend to use 3051 and 3052 or 3053 instead of the suggested greens in charts quite often.

Oh, that kitchen is glorious--but I'll bet yours will look equally wonderful!

Glad to hear little Squeak is coming around :)

Chris said...

Oh Marly, I am sorry to hear that you are having some health issues. Sending wishes for a speedy recovery.
And for Squeak too.

Maggee said...

So sorry to hear about the twelve shots from hell! Hope that you feel better soon! Glad that Squeak is getting around a little--that can only help him! Look forward to seeing that Santa finished! Kinda cute! Hugs!

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