Jun 2, 2014

The Budman is sick

Yes I'm taking a break from blogging - just a few snaps and tidbits now and then. 
My Bud who never leaves the back deck was missing yesterday.  This morning he was in his condo but wouldn't eat or drink.  Then - gone.  I found him lying in the woods (in poison ivy of course) and brought him into the house.  He fought a little but I was able to carry him.  We're borrowing a carrier and taking him to a vet later and they are OK with him being on the wild side.  I know the neighbors didn't have anything to do with this because he is not the roamer like the other two and they are fine.  The fusspots will only eat certain expensive brands of food so I know they wouldn't go for the poison they have been putting out for "filthy critters".  He'll probably get an antibiotic shot and pills which will be a joy to shove down his throat.
Here's Barbara progress from my stiff sanding hand.  Her name is over one and once that is completed, only two more lines and the border.
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