Jun 3, 2014


Good morning.  Mr. Bud's fever was close to 106 which is pretty high.  I could tell when I picked him out of the ivy that his body was very warm. Nitzy and Missy stayed by him all morning which is unusual so I knew it was serious.  Average normal for a cat is 101.5 and fevers slow the growth of bacteria and stimulate the immune system, but this high is not good.   He's very listless and dehydrated, not having fluids or food for two days.  Doc (who is in his 80's) gave him 2 injections and liquid meds.  Needless to mention, Bud does not like the taste, and wants to go outside.  I'm keeping him in until there is improvement and water intake.  I let Missy come in to keep him company when we came home and she jumped the barrier and took off upstairs.  I had to let her out a different door so Bud wouldn't escape and carried her to it.  She tore up my left wrist and palm AND ripped a hole in my new shirt!!  There isn't enough skin at her scruff to hold so she is a terror when handled. 
This morning, no change. He still feels very warm.  Nitzy is in here with him but Bud doesn't seem to care.  I'm hoping sure the antibiotics will kick in by this evening and tomorrow he will start taking water and food.  At least that's what the vet said.  Most around here don't want to treat feral cats so I'm very grateful to his office.  After looking up the medication, it doesn't seem to be correct for a respiratory infection (he heard rattling in the lungs) but we don't have a choice.
No errands today and certainly no painting.  Bud's hair is floating everywhere and also stuck to my sweaty flashing body.  
We are Labrador and Retriever folks, never considered having felines, but Mark has developed a bond with his Budman. Thanks for your concern and well wishes - I'll post when there's improvement.
I've decided to spend more than her car is worth and have sis's car fixed.  We can't be rushed into making a decision on our new car especially when the models we are interested in are a 40 minute drive from here so she will have to wait for Mark's.  It may be stupid and a waste of money, but I have to start clearing my plate of things that need done.  She saw my chiropractor yesterday because of neck problems from the accident, and when he dropped the bottom half of the table to stretch her back, her rib broke.  I think I'm baking dark chocolate cupcakes with whipped cream frosting today.

Hope your day is just as sweet.
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