Jun 4, 2014

Update on Bud

Hi everyone.  Thanks so much for your concern over the Budman's health.  I also want to mention that the comments are closed because I'm taking a little break.  I don't have time to reply to everyone and I know there are many bloggers that don't which is certainly acceptable.  But there are other issues ~  many comments were not being emailed to me, some were sent to junk mail.  I thought it best to close them while I'm hit-and-miss posting.  You can email me any time from the top right link.
Bud is slightly better today, but not much.  Still no food intake but he did have some water.  His body feels much cooler.  I lift him out of his box to get him to move around a little but he just stays where I put him.  He'll be going back to the vet on Friday.  I was really expecting him to be much better today.
These are the large irises that the rain knocked down.  They're from my FIL's house and I'm glad I took them before the sale.  I was unable to remove an enormous peony that had flowers the size of dinner plates.  We went back early spring to ask if we could have a share and they had dozed the floral hedges for more parking.  The irises aren't spreading and I need to find a better spot for them since I only have about eight plants.  They are huge with three to four blooms on each stem.  The older I get the less I enjoy gardening, weeding, maintenance.  But I will always want my peonies, irises, and maybe those bright yellow evening primrose.
Walgreen's has Dove on sale and I just ate a half bag of almond dark chocolate while I typed this.  Shame on me.
Enjoy your day!
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