Jul 19, 2014

Is this really July?

Hi everyone.  How's your weekend starting?  Ours is dark, damp, raining, and some evenings I need a sweatshirt.  My aunt turned her furnace on a few days ago to take the chill out of the house.  Mid-July!!!  The brats have been staying in at night again.  Rarely do I see them during the day, but come 10:00, the are peeking in the door.  Budman of course never leaves.  Squeak was AWOL for a few days and ate a pile of food this morning.  He'll always be a very thin cat but there is much improvement.
Here's where I am on the heart and I hope to finish it today.  Very quick stitch.  I'm using the newly dyed linen and glad I am.  I'm not so sure that this is the one for Sally.  Sometimes the linen gets softer when wet, dyed, smacked, thrown into a dryer.  It still has body, not quite as stiff,  maybe just a little too soft for my coarse preference.  When I remove an error and the threads smoosh together and leave a space, it's too soft for me.  Best find out now before starting Sally.
As for the paint, I learned something else yesterday.  Different grades of the same brand of paint (Behr) use different bases and take tint differently.  The reason it did not match was because I used the Premier series and decided to use the Ultra for the final coat.  This Ultra series used three tints that were completely different than those in the Premier gallon. There was no way to get the same color unless they mixed the Premier base.  The Stix (water based) primer I am using over oil, was offered at Benjamin Moore's as the best for over oil.  At Sherwin Williams yesterday, I was told absolutely not.  You MUST use an oil base primer over oil and then you can coat with latex paint.  Two top quality dealers with different information.  Drives you nuts.  The Stix is sticking just fine.  I cut a straw to lay on the inside top of the door/drawer, stuck duct tape to the inside, folded it over for a tab, and this is how they will stay until the paint is cured so they don't stick to the frame. 

 I'll be staying in today, as will "others".  If you look closely you can see she is still giving me "the look" even through the smallest slit.  She loves the catnip cardboard and although a tiny little brat, she will knock the boys off it.
 My Budman is a happy camper.  I'm not.  Two horrific stories of abuse (child and animal) on the front page today.  Both will recover physically after extended hospital stays and surgery on the dog, and I hope the young boy responds well to counseling.  Unless the child dies, punishment around here is minimal for neglect and abuse, and this 24 pound 7 year old was a month away from that.  The mother and grandparents are charged, and the other 3 siblings are fine.  They are back at home.  Once again, no one checked on this child who was taken out of school.  If you are so inclined, a prayer for his healing.
I hope the heart design ends well and I can share it with you.
Until then, have a safe weekend.
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Georgie said...

Will pray for the child. For the love of God, can we all put our heads together and figure out how to protect those who can't protect themselves.

Maggee said...

I think you are learning as much about paint as any contractor knows! Phew! My head is swimming... I abhor when you get two different opinions from people in the same trade! Kitties are cute as ever... Hugs!

cucki said...

Sending lots of love and my prayers my dear..
Kitties are so cute xx

Vickie said...

I am praying for that poor child.
That Missy. What a stinker.

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Don't know what happened with the sad report... better that I don't. Too much of that in this world to poor innocent victims of all species.
Happy to see Squeak so content along with the Budman too.
We were looking at Steph and Art Haber's new little Corgi puppy, Holly. I love that breed...just thinking.
Will have wait to see your latest finished piece.

Peace be with All,

Veronica Longobardi said...

I'm so happy to her squeak is eating , so wonderful. I love your cabinets. What a great color you picked. I've always used a water based primer and it stayed just fine. I'm sure oil is better , but I can't tolerate the smell. My favorite primer is called the Gripper. It comes water or oil based. I used the water based even over glossy polyurethane. And it was fine. I would not worry bout your choice. I'm sure it will hold up just fine !!! Love your stitching. I ordered a few prarie schooler patterns of santa and I'm hoping to try my hand at cross stitch soon !! Thanks for your advice ! Veronica And prayers for the child and the dog. Just so sad !

Anonymous said...

Seeing the cats so safe and relaxed does my heart good... Mouse

butterfly said...

Sending prayers.
Cute kitties.

C. M. Designs said...

Your paint color is beautiful and so prim. Love it ! You sure have learned a lot about paint.
Missy and Budman sure do look like they enjoy their home.. Little Missy doesn't need to be giving you the "stink eye" though. I'm so relieved that Squeak is eating.. He needs to keep his body close to home. Has he been introduced to the catnip cardboard ?
I'm finishing a Christmas gift and then will start on my PS Santas again. Just a little over five months until the big day. Can't believe how fast this year is going..
Stay warm ;o) !
Charlotte in Virginia

Joanie said...

I read that story this morning cause I subscribe to all the Pittsburgh TV news feeds. So sad. I said a prayer for his healing. And his parent and grandparent...they get a special ring in HELL.
Abused dogs..oh my. Another heartbreaking thing. It just infuriates me.
Love your kitties.

Margaret said...

So bizarre that two different paint stores have two different stories on paint bases and such. Well hopefully you have it all worked out now at least. So sad about the animal and child abuse. The world is such a scary place these days.

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