Jul 6, 2014

Show and tell

Good day all.  I want to show off my gifts from Ann. 
 Not only did I receive a good quantity of fabric I could never find locally, she included an old fabric covered book,
a primitive pincushion, strawberry, and old quilt square,
another pincushion, old wool, another strawberry and quilt square, and a piece of linsey woolsey for the lining of my first wallet.  Yes, she is getting me more and more interested in stitched wallets.  Thank you so much Ann, I treasure your stitchery and am thrilled with the fabrics.
 I found a few more pewter pieces and adore this little teapot.  The other is a large pitcher, doesn't look very old but I like the patina.
  Several emails from anonymous commenters have been going into spam and not showing in the post.  Some contain questions that I can't answer because you are...well....anonymous.  Still more have been changed to no-reply that weren't before.  Anyway, I had two questions about the planter shown in the photo with Bud.
This was mom's planter, chipped, broken, and glued back with E6000.  These are two clay pots that she painted white.  The large one on the bottom is just turned upside down, and the top pot sets on it.   I probably should glue or caulk the two together but I've used them separately some years.  Mary, I can't reply to you ~ Bud and Nitzy ("the boys") are father and son.  Nitzy is 3 and they think Bud may be around 6.
And for all I do for them, the trips to the outlet for bread, the 50# sacks of corn, the special licking blocks for nutrition, you would think I deserve better than this.  The little devils are so comical and not afraid of me.  Momma stares at the house waiting for food and when I go out, they scamper around as if asking me to play with them.  The bold one comes within three feet of me.
Stuffed cabbage for dinner, apple pie for dessert. 
Hope your week starts with a smile,
thanks for visiting.


Rugs and Pugs said...

What wonderful and thoughtful gifts from Ann! You must have been a very good girl :)
Deer are not my friends! I live in the city and they are wreaking havoc in my gardens. Flowers are becoming few and far between :(
Happy Sunday to you :)

cucki said...

Aww super sweet gift from Anne :) love it so much..
Enjoy your Sunday..here it's night time..
Big hugs x

dogwoodfarm said...

Such beautiful thoughtful gifts!
And such wonderful pewter pieces!
I can see your kitties are well taken care of, they are very lucky to have such a great mom like you to look after them.
Your cabinets are looking wonderful!
xo Louise

Margaret said...

Lovely gifts! I love those pewter pieces. I don't collect pewter, but those make me want to start.

Barb said...

Wonderful gifts!I love your pewter pieces !

Truus said...

Love the gifts from Ann and your pewter pieces.
Beautifull picture of the deer.
have a good day
greetings, Truus from the Netherlands

spiritedsummer said...

Love reading about your little 'wildlife centre'. Th pewter pieces are also gorgeous!

C. M. Designs said...

Such beautiful, thoughtful, prim gifts you received.. How special !
I like the way you've put the two of your Mom's planters together.. Your flowers are lovely.
I hope I can keep all of your kitties names straight now..
I can see you, now, scampering around, in your yard, with the deer.They are beautiful animals. All of your menagerie is so lucky to have you care for them.
Have a great week ahead.. I think it's going to be HOT !
Charlotte in Virginia

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Beautiful photos. Love the gifts.

Mary said...

You received some very nice gifts. I love flowers in pewter, the look is so "old world". Bud and Nitzy are quite handsome, and now that you said it I did know they were father and son, forgot!. Stay cool. Her in RI the muggy weather is back...awful.

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