Jul 5, 2014

Stitching limits

Hello stitching buds.  Did you get mosquito bites while watching fireworks?  I didn't.  They can't bite through sweatpants and sweatshirts.  Damn it was cold!  My neighbors were setting off blasts that actually shook the muntin bars in my windows.  Nothing pretty to see, just the sound of an explosion.
I was browsing Scarlet Letter again and I saw a few that didn't catch my eye the prior 1,578 times.  Unusual (to me anyway), but because of my reluctance to stitch over one thread, they weren't added to the cart.
These photos are from Scarlet Letter's website.
I really like Susey Oliver.  In keeping with my wimp status, I still prefer alphabets, some elements, but not a whole mess of little changing-thread-lose-your-place motifs.  This fits the bill but with way too much over one.
There were others that I almost added to the cart, but chickened out for that same reason or another.  I enjoy seeing others' complicated or intricate samplers and wish I had them on my wall, but I can't even bring myself to purchase them now.  I used to, and they would sit in the stash.  Years later, I would add them to the cart but remove them before checkout.  Now I don't even add them to the cart.  I'm finally catching on.  You don't buy just because you like it, if you know you won't use it.  All the larger or more involved sampler charts have been sold, except for Ann Medd.  Oh Ann.  You're my last one, my last hope, my last I-wish-I-could-but-I-can't.  We may have to say adios Ann, but I'm not quite ready.  With your larger motifs and simple backstitch, there is still hope!  But what about that pesky patience problem?  Every time I add a year to my age, I lose a little more.  And a very large project, even a simple one, may also be unattainable.

But after seeing Lanie's Sarah Harvey (check it out here), I need to order it.  Very little over one with a simple border and mostly letters, I think this is a large piece I can handle.  Or hope to.   Lanie's birds were stitched over two yet looking at this closeup on the SL site, they appear to be done over one or like they are painted.   This is why I never ordered it before, but now I know they are regular cross and that I can do!  A few specialty stitches are welcome and I did enjoy working on Mary Haslehurst.  That was another sampler I had put off ordering many times because it looked too involved but it was fun.  Maybe because it wasn't a large piece and I had the help of Mary Corbet's videos.  I'm really glad I added her to the wall and would not mind stitching a small with stitches other than cross.  Except for the Queen.
Thought I would show you the boys this morning.
What are they looking at?

Squeak.  His back legs are still nothing but skin and bones but I can see that his sides are not sunken as before.  Progress!!  He ate two baby foods and a half can of cat food this morning.  Good boy! 
Have a great weekend.
Thanks for visiting.


Anonymous said...

Are you going to sell your Sweet Liberty chart?


Robin said...

The boys and Squeak are looking mighty interested in something! I am not a big fan of large projects either, Marly! I love them finished, but don't want to stitch them!

Robin in Virginia

diamondc said...

Oh Squeeks you are looking so much better, good health to you, love mommies choices, wow so beautiful.

Happy Fourth week-end


Simple Pleasure said...

I know this sounds a bit strange BUT putting vinegar or deodorant on those mosquito bites will help tremendously...
Enjoy a stitchin' weekend!
Busy Hands...Happy Heart

C. M. Designs said...

I think I will stick to doing PS Santas.. They are my speed.. Something pretty, quick, cute and useful.
I thought I saw a tummy on Squeak in the picture of him on his back.. I hope he'll continue with his desire for food.. Bud and his buddy look healthy. Do they want baby food too ? You're such a good kitty Mom..
Have a wonderful weekend.
Charlotte in Virginia

Karen said...

Thank you for sharing about Ann's little "purses". Really like them. I am not fond of sounds of explosions and neither were my shaking pups and kits. And we had the same here. No pretty lights, just noise. Hope you are enjoying seeing Squeak get a belly and a butt soon too!

cucki said...

Aww cute squeak is so sweet ..
Kisses for her x

Truus said...

Squeak looks much better now!
Like the Ann Mittens embroidery book and I allso don't like great projects.
Enjoy your weekend
greetings,Truus from the Netherlands

Barb said...

We must be of one mind-no queen stitches in this house and very little over one!!!!!

Frances N said...

Gorgeous sampler but I'm not so good at specialty stitches. But I do love to admire those that others have done!
Kitties look great and I am glad to hear that Squeak is doing better. My sweet kitty has a thyroid condition that we control with pills. She is so much better--lost a lot of weight but is now putting it back on! I haven't tried baby food, but it looks like it's helping your Squeak! You've had a hard time with your cats, but maybe things are looking up now!!

Mary A said...

Squeak is definitely looking better. And a half can of cat food too! What more could a body ask for? The boys look good too. You are such a good care giver!

Margaret said...

Glad to see Squeak looking better. He definitely looks plumper from the pic. I love both those Scarlet Letter pieces. Good choices!

LaNelle said...

Sampler choice decision ??? aways tough what the eye says yes to but the mind knows better LOL! Good Luck your work is always beautiful....so glad Squeak is coming around...have a great Sunday and a better tomorrow! Blessings....

Maggee said...

I do not like any patterns with people in them... so that eliminates oh-so-many samplers. But I think I am going to clear my stash of a bunch of charts that have lost their 'sparkle' for me. It's time... Glad Squeak is eating!! Yay! Hugs!

Mary said...

Squeak looks so good....The boys are so very handsome, are they twins?. When I go on 123 stitch I add so many things to wish list..and then months later say "what was I thinking" and delete. Although changing colors and motifs keep me interested. I am doing Eva Rosenstand's Silhouette Collage...all black. Half way through...cannot wait to finish so I can move on. I am one of those "weird" people who must finish before next piece. Neighbors did fireworks too scared both my cats....the noise was so very close.

Anonymous said...

Delighted at the use of the word muntins (NOT mullions) Annie

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