Aug 13, 2014

A long day

Hello people.  Was at the hospital at 8 am for her 10 am procedure, which wasn't started until 1 pm and we left at 5 pm.  No food, no drink, she was tired and disgusted, especially after being shocked three times with no result.  Still in Afib and wouldn't budge.  Next week she will be admitted and meds will be tried while monitoring for two days, then another cardioversion, and if all fails, they are done.  With her aortic valve problems they don't want to do the ablation procedure. 
 We drove through Panera for her dinner and I got a cinnamon crunch bagel. After downing it with Very Vanilla soy milk, I still needed a dark brown fix.  I rid the house of chocolate because I have no control and really need to lose these extra pounds. But a desperate search found this. Good grief this stuff is as hard as a rock!  Almost broke a tooth.  Baking chocolate is certainly different than what I'm used to and not very good either.   
I didn't get my new charts in time for today so I grabbed Eliza Ann Pomeroy to take with me.  My copper penny (or something like that) linen isn't compatible to the charted colors and I changed them a while ago, but didn't have them ready.  I just grabbed 3021 for borders and unfortunately was off one linen thread when I came across to match the sides.  I may leave it since the sampler has many letters that are not aligned and no one will notice.  Several of the new charts came in today's mail and I don't know if I will start one or continue Eliza.
I stopped at my antique mall which is mostly fancy schmancy glass and furniture and found this sweet little bowl.  I have other smalls but never found one with lathe marks and lip.  I don't know if you can see in the photo how pronounced the rings are.  And so small!  Love it.

 Dominic called me to talk about the fridge cabinet because he just wasn't getting my drawings.  We talked back and forth and got no where on the phone, so I stopped at his shop.  Good thing.  He makes the side panels independent and sandwiches a separately built top cabinet between them on site.  What?  No no no.  The drawing is for one piece.  One tall cabinet with sides and a top shelf and cabinet.  If you put the cabinet in between the side panels, it would end up 3" wider than I want.  I ordered the doors for this size and that's it.  One piece.  He will do it but it will be the first time for him.  He is a skilled carpenter, but his kitchens are very traditional and mine is not - to him.  But it has become such because of the changes I had to make.
I have appointments and errands the next few days.  My sweatshirt will be handy and I can't even keep windows open in the evening.  Ridiculous summer and August is already half over!  It seems like just yesterday I was bitching that July was over.
Finish off your week with some good chocolate and kiss summer goodbye.
Thanks for visiting.

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