Aug 14, 2014

More finds

Good day to you.  Doc said the swelling in my halupki knees (yes they look like stuffed shriveled cabbage) needs to be reduced and bursa sacs on the kneecaps are also filled with fluid.  He recommended an entire month of Advil which should take care of the inflammation and he'll check me after that before ordering an MRI.  I highly doubt that surgery will be involved.  I didn't realize that knee damage takes a very long time to heal, up to 12 weeks, so I should be fine.  He was impressed that my full weight on 63 year old knees hitting stone tile did not break the kneecap.  Now that I think about it, was that a compliment or a comment about my weight?  There is still a possibility that something is torn, but I like his wait and see attitude.
We ran a few errands and stopped at the mall's antique store again because I left two items behind Tuesday.  Do you do that?  Usually I make the purchase because I can return it anywhere else, but no returns here so I have to think.  Even for cheap stuff.  
So here's my bracelet and I'm grateful it was still there.  Not old at all but that doesn't matter.  The clerk asked if this will be worn with my little black dress.  First off, nothing I have is little.  Second, after 28 years of blond Labradors, I have nothing in black.  Third, I don't own a dress.  When I play dress up, I wear a newer pair of jeans with a newer white shirt, and a better wool blazer.   The rhinestones just add a little sparkle.  Halupki knees and pierogi ankles aren't terribly attractive hanging from a dress.
The other left behind piece is this tall pewter creamer.
And the third piece that came home was just brought in today.  A beat up plank bottom with traces of red paint.  As with all my old chairs, you need short legs and a trim behind to sit, neither of which pertain to me.
The owners were going over surveillance footage because all the jewelry from a display case was stolen during store hours. Again. 
I decided to stay with Eliza Pomeroy until such time that she pisses me off.   We got off on the wrong foot but may kiss and make up.  If not, adios, ciao, hasta la vista, au revoir, give me a match.

Stay safe, hug hard, laugh out loud.
Enjoy your weekend - thanks for visiting.


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