Aug 6, 2014


Good day.  I will draw a name for the threads soon.  Honestly, I thought maybe one person would be interested and didn't expect a group. 
I'm watching progress of Jane Ballard on Sampler Lover's blog and am now on a search. I doubt if I will ever have the gumption to stitch it but I want it. Rebecca Cullin too which is still available. Oh wait! I think the Porcupine Collection was re-released a few years ago. Pretty sure. Almost positive.  ....   Yes! They were. It takes me a while to remember clearly. Kind of like a slow drip and then someone turns on the faucet.  Hold on - let me search....  OK.  I found it on Silent Stitches but there is no info as to size or stitches involved. I also checked Rebecca and know that I would never stitch her. I wouldn't use 40 count and that is a really large sampler with lots of specialty stitches. After doing a few on Mary Haslehurst I realized they are nothing to be afraid of and kind of fun to do (thanks to Mary Corbet's videos) but the size is intimidating. I think Jane is close in size. Never mind. Do you ever buy charts knowing you won't stitch them but you just gotta have them? Why do we do that? Have you ever bought a candle or fragrance that you love so much you don't want to use it because then it will be gone?  This is a sickness isn't it?  I got Misi's (1890 Gable House Goodes) soy tarts. Patchouli Moon is making me swoon and the Flight by Night is an outright delight. 
 So here's what I'm thinking.  Jane doesn't look as complicated as Rebecca, although neither are my simple style.  Is there another online resource that offers the chart with information?  Will I give in and purchase them anyway?  Silly isn't it?  Maybe I will cheat.  Have you ever been in a shop and seen the sampler prints?  When hanging on a wall, you really can't tell especially with the digital clarity.  So I found her print that is offered in various sizes up to 17 1/2 x 30".  For a stitcher, it's cheating, but if it's something I would never stitch, I get a pass.  I thought there was a print of Rebecca too but haven't located it.  Hedgerow House has several available framed, but Pixels offers items with or without frame and even greeting cards.  Very difficult to search these sites for samplers, maybe because I'm not thinking clearly.  But starting with #73 and clicking "next" is the only way I'm viewing them.  I think they're great for people who love samplers and can't stitch.  Me?  The more I look at her, the more I think I will get the chart. But on the other hand, will probably never get to it and I'm an instant gratification gal.  We'll see.  Either way, Jane will be hanging in my home one day.

No progress on sewing my purse together.  Dominic called and  wanted to go over the plans.  He's an excellent cabinetmaker for basics.  But once again, my fridge cabinet was not the standard and he just couldn't grasp it.  I don't know if the other cabinetmakers that refused this job would have felt the same.   So I went back to the drawing board and measured again, nothing out of the ordinary, and met with him again yesterday.  Still a little confused and I think I should bring coffee and donuts to his shop and spend the day watching.   I wanted different doors on the sink and the fridge, just flush plank doors, and he looked at me puzzled. What?  Plank?  Plank?  What's that?  Just random boards with a support brace on the inside. Where's the frame? There is no frame Dom, it's just planks with a brace on the inside. What???  Never mind.  Here's your sign. 
Today I'm painting with my clothes inside out again, and the road crew is here.  Should I put my glasses on upside down and say hello?  Just to mess with them a little.  If you're wondering why I'm still painting cupboards of a very small kitchen, my neck can only take it for a few pieces at a time, I'm sanding, priming, sanding, first coat, light sand, final coat, and no where to really put them until fully dry so there are several days of waiting before starting another.  Rained again yesterday and I can't work outside with the weather we've had this summer, if you can call it that.  Still cool, not even a ripe tomato yet, and my hydrangea trees that always bloom in mid-July are still in bud.
Time to get moving, grab my glasses, and go say hello to the crew. Should I wear my boots too? 
Have a great week - stay safe - enjoy what's left of summer.  I just can't believe how fast it's gone by and how chilly and wet we've been.
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Robin said...

I vote for adding your boots to your outfit and greeting the road crew. Thanks for the idea about a sampler print, Marly! I hadn't thought about that. Off to ponder!

Have a pleasant day!

Robin in Virginia

Ellen said...

Those framed sampler prints are great especially in a bathroom where you don't want to hang the real thing because of humidity. The prints are incredibly realistic and will fool many.

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

By all means ... boots and upside down glasses.
Jane is exquisite and I commend you for wanting to stitch this one. For me and my simple brain, it is too detailed and I would no doubt expire before completed.
Good luck with your kitchen ... sounds like you are making progress even if it is slower than not.
Stay safe with Peace for all,

Penny said...

Good morning, Marly, and thanks for the laughs with this post!
I do buy candles I don't want to burn, collect recipes I'll never make, have more cross stitch patterns than I could ever finish, buy shoes I can't wear, etc. etc. Glad to know I'm not alone with the "sickness!"
Love "Jane".... I know I would NEVER get it done, and am happy that you mentioned looking for the prints... I'll be on a new search soon.
Good luck with Dominic and the kitchen... Pictures similar to what you want don't help him either?? It doesn't seem all that difficult to me....
Have a great day... Penny

JR Bush said...

I have the fabric sickness - don't want to cut
it because I may wish I had it for something else.
It is not an inherited disease. My mother cut
into her fabric with wild abandon!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm going to start doing that because I'm getting
too old to keep hoarding. Julia

samplerlover said...

Hi Marly, just thought that you'd like to know in the Rebecca Cullin chart there are 2 versions. One is for the specialty stitches and the other is straight cross stitch. Both Rebecca and Jane are stunning samplers. Probably Jane is a bit harder to do as she' is a combination of stitches. They are mainly cross stitch, back stitch, satin stitch, Algerian eye, goblin stitch, tiny bits of herringbone stitch and because I like doing stem stitch I'm doing that as well in some places. Both can be done on 35 ct if that helps. They are both samplers that are worth the trouble. :) - Sandra.

Barb said...

I really need to send you the warm sunny weather of the Pacific NW. We have broken the average of days over 80 and sun. Our farmer's markets are full of tomatoes for the first time in early Aug. Anyway, yes , I have bought a chart I will probably never stitch. The one you showed looks daunting!

Margaret said...

I might be wrong, but I think there is surface embroidery and other specialty stitching in Jane. She's a beauty though. Rebecca Cullin comes with an all cross stitch version although she too is originally with surface embroidery. I say go for the posters. :D

Lanie said...

I too have been admiring Sandra's lovely 'Jane Ballard' ... she is a beauty and Sandra's work is perfect! Go for it Marly ... I'll join you!!!! :)

Pam in IL said...

It's been chilly here too, but we haven't had more than a few drops of rain since the end of June. I never thought about a sampler print, but it's a great idea!

Good luck with the cabinets.

Truus said...

Love the sampler Marly,but I'm sure never will make it.So it's a good idea to have a print of the sampler.
Good luck with your painting the kitchen doors.
greetings,Truus from the Netherlands

Marlene said...

Thank you once again for a wonderful idea. I love the idea of a print. I'll have to research too. Then you can have your eye candy on the wall before you know it. GREAT!!!

Maggee said...

Well, can't wait to catch up on your blog and see what you wore to greet the road crew!

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