Aug 7, 2014

Oldie but goodie - and free

Three quick notes.
First of all, in response to questions regarding the Gentle Art free chart that I completed for my little purse, I contacted them and they graciously gave permission for me to post it.  It is quite old!  The address on it was from 13 or more years ago, so I blocked that out.  You can visit their website for thread info and other free charts here.

And do you remember the ponies?  I still haven't worked out a finish but every time I saw it, I wished it was darker.  Yep.  Dunked it.  White threads and all.  Yep.  Dry brushed the stitch tops with bleach to lighten some outlines.  So risky, so stupid, so reckless, so me. 
And I have to mention something that's bothering me.  The other day I was approached by a polite young man in a parking lot asking for anything I could spare, even a dollar, because he ran out of gas.  I gave him a buck and told him the truth would have got him more.  Today, we were in McD's and while waiting for our coffee, talked to a very friendly woman also waiting.  We all eventually sat in a remote corner, where a young man offered her the higher table.  He was very polite also, and said he had nothing to do and was just hanging out there.  Lost his apartment, hadn't eaten, desperately seeking work.  He walks everywhere and had two prior jobs.  Father and step-mother lifetime military and don't want anything to do with him.  He enlisted and served a few years, felt it wasn't for him, and left. She helped him browse the online ads on her tablet, we had just cashed our check and offered him $$ and told him to apply where Mark works.  He can't without an address though and they only hire through an online service.  The lady also bought a gift card for him to purchase something to eat which he did.  When he went outside, the woman told me she didn't see signs of drugs, has a son with problems, and felt that we met and were all in that corner for a reason.  We're hoping it lifted his spirits to know others care and felt he was worthy of our time.  Not knowing what is the truth, what he is like, if he has problems, will weigh on me now.  Do I feel sorry and worry about him?  Do I forget about it because it was another scam?  So many times I have been approached with stories and I honestly don't know what the truth is, but hate to mistrust all these young folks.  If I don't try to help, I will always wonder if I should have.  But we got a few dirty looks from the employees when we were leaving, and we get along great with them so I have my doubts as to his sincerity.  I will have to ask next visit. 
And regarding the sampler prints, this is the link to Pixel's here and Jane Ballard is #82.  Just keep hitting the next arrow. 
BLT's and fresh Bodacious corn tonight!  Much better than Butter and Sugar or Silver Queen (former favorites).
Thanks for visiting!
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