Aug 11, 2014

Still learning after all these years

Thank you CL!  I tried contacting you to thank you for the tip, but you're no-reply so I'm doing it here and sharing.  The only thing I can't comprehend is stitching left to right. I could only do your stitch by going from right to left!  Either way, I am grateful for your instructions because after all these years, never figured it out.  Here's what I'm talking about.
I use the sewing method when cross stitching which is going in and coming out in one motion.  Like this.  Stitching the first half and then going back for the cross.
I mentioned in the Threads post about this not being the proper way to stitch overdyed floss so she kindly instructed me how to use the sewing method while making one complete stitch at a time.  You probably already know this and have used it for years, but I never have.  I always went from left to right and it just never worked out without being awkward.  I tried doing it on my tiny new project and I actually kept messing up!!  What is wrong with me!! 

It took a while so I made this diagram and printed it for 3x5 size without the "fit picture to frame" option and it will stay on my board.  The older I get, the more I need visual aids.  It's opposite the direction I'm used to stitching and to start the next row, turn the project upside down.  I always thought that would make the crosses wrong but it doesn't so I turn it now all the time when it makes it easier and less bulky. 
Using the full stitch sewing method also makes a neat back with no bulk.  I wasn't using overdyed so I kept with my regular method except for this one row.
If you're wondering what this tiny project is, and you're probably not, I've seen so many stitched flags recently on Pinterest that I decided to do one.  I haven't seen a heart used but I don't get out much, so if there is something similar, sorry!  I didn't want to use standard stitches for the stripes so they are something a little different.  I will finish in no time and post it for you if you think you would be interested in another flag.  I may fringe the right side up to the stitches and attach to a basket or just pin somewhere. 
And guess what?  It's raining!!  We had two beautiful days of warmth and sun, rain today, storms tomorrow, cool forecast for the rest of the month.  Where can I register a complaint?
Sorry if I bored you again, but when I learn something or want to keep information, I post it.  Otherwise, I would never find it again.  I use that little upper left box, enter a term or keyword, and it's much easier than searching the post files. 
Have a great day!!
Heart of Gold chart maybe tomorrow. 
Thanks for visiting!


cl said...

You are sooooooo welcome. I hope you can now enjoy the richness created by over-dyed fibers. My bad - I do stitch right to left (65 years old and I still don't know my right from my left)!! It was my pleasure to share this tip with you as I have so enjoyed reading your blog for a very long time.

C. M. Designs said...

Thank you for sharing this Marly.. I had no idea how you could cross stitch without using a hoop.. I may try this and again I may not.. It might mess with my 73 year old brain too much.. LOL At least I have an idea and may practice before I try it for "real"..
We're supposed to get some rain tomorrow (Tues) and my daughter says she may put her flannel sheets back on her bed.. What a summer this has been.. We really need the rain though. Haven't had much at all.
Charlotte in Virginia

Sue said...

Thanks for sharing. I'd like to try this method, if I could see. I'm 53 & recently purchased 4 Little Sheep Virtue Cross Stitches to stitch on linen. But I can't see!!! So frustrating. I thought my xstitching days were over. Then I read the comments of a 65 y/o & 73 y/o! Do you have trouble? Do you use a special light? I got new glasses earlier this year but I still struggle. Any suggestions?

Rugs and Pugs said...

It was raining in Ohio today when we were heading to the airport but we really need it.
I've never done the sewing method...that's why I am so slow! Melinda was showing me how to do it, but I've not yet tried it. Thanks for the great pictures.

Hugs :)

Barb said...

Your posts are never boring. I love to learn the things you share!

dixiesamplar said...

Marly, Marly, are never boring my dear!! Your posts are always insightful, funny, witty, and helpful...and this one is no exception...always up for trying a new method. Thanks a bunch!!

Truus said...

Are you left handed Marly?
I'm and always do my stitching from left to right.
For even more nice stitches try to every time you will do a stitch--put your needle straight down-pull your thread throuhg and then go up again.So you don't get into the threads of your linen and the xstitchers looks more even.
When I'm do my xstitching I have to use my magnifyer otherwise I cann't see a thread.
Good luck with your stitching an hope your health and your sisters is much better now.greetings,Truus

Farmhouse prims said...

I appreciate you wonderful ladies sharing all of these wonderful tips, since I am just learning to cross stitch. Wish I could master the linen, but I am still using aida cloth. You know when I stitch, I do both methods, just kinda found it out myself. hugs, Lecia

cucki said...

i love to learn always..thank you for sharing x

Karen Martinsen said...

Hi Marly,
This is an interesting post - I guess I never have thought about the way I (used to) cross stitch.
This does make a lot of sense.
I love your flag and especially with the heart...very unique!

Maggee said...

I know I have been shown that before, but I just did not get it. Not so sure I do now, either, but at least I know where to find good diagrams and explanations! It's raining here... (sad face)

Laura said...

Mayte gives a related course, visit their blog.

Pam in IL said...

Interesting post. I also stitch in hand mostly using the sewing method. I work right to left and the way I stitch, the needle is moved through the fabric more like when I use the sewing method for the first / leg and then come back for the second \ leg. The back of the fabric looks just like when you stitch the way CL explained.

Kerri said...

I have been stitching for 20+ years and never really thought about it. This is brilliant! I just tried it on my current project. Although it is a little awkward at first since I always stich left to right, I am going to try.

thank you so much for teaching this old dog a new trick!

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