Aug 10, 2014

Winners and losers

Greetings all!  The sun is out and it's not raining.  But it's still cool enough in the evening to wear a sweatshirt.  I really feel cheated.  It's almost over and it never felt like summer.
I pulled an entry this morning for the threads and Gracie was the winner.  I emailed her and she also has a blog you can visit here.  Sorry I couldn't give everyone some!  The loser is me.
Since I got this little stone pot for the microwave, I've been popping that bread pudding in there WAY too often.  My sister uses one slice, I use two of the Nickles' 35 calorie Italian bread, 1/2 cup fat free milk, 1 egg, 1 Tbsp sugar, 2 drops of vanilla. Tear, beat, pour, smash, 4 minutes (mine is 700W), heaven.  And this morning, 2 donuts.  I need to stop this and I keep saying TOMORROW but that day was a year ago.
My sis is having another cardioversion Wednesday and my Magma and I will spend the day at the hospital.  She has a really bad cold though and if she is still coughing, they will reschedule.  My knee assessment is Thursday.  Some swelling has gone down but there is no change in the sharp pain of certain movements.  The better knee is starting to swell again.  Fat knees, fat ankles, what can I say? 
I ordered five new samplers recently, still holding out on Rebecca and Jane.  One of them is this design that I found in the Free Domain (no copyright) to use on my journals a while back.  Always loved it - didn't know there was a chart!  I'm hoping it comes in soon so I can stick it in the Magma.  One color thread so this will be an easy take along.  You can find it here.
 I saw the young man I mentioned before in McD's this morning.  He was sleeping in the same corner with different clothes on and I believe he was being truthful with us. 
That's it.  I plan on sitting outside and enjoying the sun today.
I hope your day is a good one.
Thanks for visiting!
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