Aug 23, 2014


Hi everyone.  I wasn't going to post until she was home but I opened the laptop to check on a delivery and saw your caring and thoughtful emails so I decided to update.  She was moved from Critical Care to the Cardiac Unit today, still weak and resting.  Much to my disagreement, they started another anti-arrhythmia drug with many side effects and interactions with almost every other med she is taking.  Since it lowers pressure and heart rate, they will all have to be adjusted again. I talked to the doc this morning, very young and casual, and he wants her to stay on it.  Her regular cardiologist is older, more conservative, and more drug conscious.  They need to keep her another day at least to see how it reacts, which could be life-threatening erratic behavior again.  The full effect is felt in one to two weeks so she is terrified of what may happen, but the doc convinced her to stay on it for a month at least and then see how she feels.  He's not concerned.  But they weren't with the first drug and look how that turned out!  Nor did they ever expect or see a reaction like hers.  Still not concerned? Which is worse - dangerous drugs or Afib?  My mother lived with it for 40 years along with a pacemaker. Taking a breath is very painful because her chest is badly bruised, possibly a few cracked ribs, from all the pounding and CPR.  Two nurses that were off duty Friday came in anyway to see her and told her they couldn't sleep that night after watching what she went through.  She said she actually felt life draining from her body, starting with her head and moving down to her feet, unlike anything she's ever felt. Not numbness, not pain, but like someone pulled out a cork and her body was draining.  The next thing she would remember is seeing the same nurse over her pounding her chest.  That nurse is one of the two that didn't sleep that night.  According to her records, this happened ten times.  We are fearful but will trust the doctor and assume all will be good.
I've been in a fog making a lot of mistakes on Eliza but am trying to keep busy.  Mark is gone this weekend and I started so many things, didn't finish one, and have a bigger mess than ever.  I decided to walk away from it and move upstairs to the sewing room. 
My purse finish wasn't working because there is a metal piece that is directly beneath the metal frame and you can't get a needle through to sew close enough to the edge.  I already had the shape so decided to line it and hang it.
I used leather, my favorite hanger, and hung it with my sampler sack.  I'll work on more finishing tonight.  Only a few pieces to do (that I can find) but if I start having problems, I'll quit.  Better to walk away than grab a match.
Thank you all again so very much for your concern and prayers. 

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