Aug 25, 2014

Eliza and I

Good morning.  This is all I have to show for Eliza progress.  Please excuse the wrinkles and disheveled appearance.  I feel like she looks and we're bonding. 
I am really going to like this sampler.  The symbols on the chart have been difficult for me to discern and a friend helped me sort them out but it was too late.  The border and dividing lines were to be 3828 and I chose 3021.  It looks good on the Copper Penny (???) fabric, kind of a greenish brown base with a tinge of copper.  With many letters being charted for the 3828 I'm glad the border is darker and contrasting and the piece won't be dominated by the faded red. Since the letters are not aligned I decided to leave in the band errors.  The right side border was removed though to line up properly. 
Carole is home and can't drive for a while so I'll be busy.  I stocked the fridge - do you have a hard time when driving a rotisserie chicken home?  I try to go slow enough to catch a red light so I can tear off a piece but it never works out.   The aroma drives me nuts.  I'm still chomping Tums and glancing at a bottle with a few Ativan inside.  Maybe all I need is one to break the clutch of anxiety.
Every time the phone rings I feel the grip!
Two nights ago I saw Bud (our sweet raccoon, not Bud the cat) step back from his bread on the deck.  When I looked to the side, there was a larger creature eating it, same color, but no mask.  Another cat!  Huge gray furball with white feet that ran when I got closer.  This is how the others became residents, eating the bread for the deer or coons.  I sure hope he has a home and it's not a pregnant female.
I'm giving away the set of The 12 Days of Santa from Heartstrings.  No buttons, just the cards.  I may use another blog to list things I no longer want but I will offer this set as a giveaway sometime this week.  Here's 7 through 12.
Have a great day!
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