Sep 10, 2014

Another winner

Greetings.  No, my sister did not make it to the doctor.  She was dressed and ready but did not have enough stamina to get in the car and go.  These new meds are making her so light headed and weak, no appetite, insomnia, and we are trying again on Friday. 
Do you remember the little free chart from Gentle Arts that I made into a small pouch?  I just realized that I never finished the design.  The stamens!  One good thing about using fusibles for closure is that you can press them with a hot iron again and they will release.  Since I used the fusible hem tape to attach the lining at the opening, I may do just that and add the final stitches.  Or not.
 And here's Eliza's progress. Ready to start the motif bottom - I think the house will be blue. I haven't followed the colors or the color placements because frankly, too much on my mind to pay attention to details.
But this little queenie hasn't a care in the world.


She loves to pose for the camera.
 Until she's back to "I will make you bleed" mood.  She looks calm and sweet, but those little eye slits are watching my every move, ready to pounce.
The winner of the Homespun Collectibles batch is Anonymous Colleen.  Please email me with your address Colleen.
The final Santa batch is Prairie Schoolers, six cards and two leaflets - interested?  Leave your entry in the comments and I will draw a name Friday at 9pm EST.  Two Angel books sold for over $20 each on Ebay this summer!  Now I want to stitch them so I checked and yep - I have another one.

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