Sep 12, 2014

Final winner

Hi everyone.  I've very tired, been a long day, so I'll get to the point.  The name chosen by is Jacqueline.  I will contact her shortly and I feel so bad that I couldn't share these charts with everyone.  From the response, Prairie Schooler Santas win the popularity contest hands down.  Thanks to all that participated.
I did get my sister to the doc today.  She stopped taking one of the pills to see if it would help and it did, but she was still weak and very pale.  He prescribed another and wanted to admit her to the hospital again, the electrical system of her heart is still not good.  Next appointment will be in a week but she may have to give in to another hospital stay before then.  Of all days to rip out and repave her very steep winding driveway!  No way she could ever attempt to walk it from the front or side. I got her to the doc, over to the center for blood work, rushed through the market for easy dinners and essentials, dropped off the RX, stopped at the bank, and sped home to get her up the drive before the paving started.  Just made it. 
Enjoy your weekend and stay safe.
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