Sep 17, 2014

One of my favorites

Chocolate zucchini bundt cake.  Intense, extra moist, luscious.  I posted the recipe on my food blog and finally put a link to it in the top right column.  It was included in a post back in 2012 but is worth repeating. 
One thing I love about bundt cakes is they don't require icing which cuts down on the calories.  But their greatest feature is the self-healing trick.  I always take a slice right away and then close it up.  No one can tell that I'm an impatient piggy unless they measure the humps.
This is mom's aluminum cake pan, I have another that is larger and locks with a handle.  But this wooden acorn top and the embossing is my favorite.
And here's something interesting.  Mark closed the garden and look what he found.  Two completely separate peppers on one stem.  Cool!  Today will be spent baking sausage/rice stuffed hot peppers in spaghetti sauce for the freezer, jalapenos stuffed with breakfast sausage, and a few zucchini casseroles with diced ham. They all freeze well.
 Silk mums and a 5 day candle will be put on my parents' grave for their anniversary.  My cousin has been bugging me to stop and give her some ideas for a bath remodel so I will get that out of the way too.  Mark was searching for mushrooms in the woods behind my brother's house and found a perfectly good old white porcelain farm sink with drainboard and high back buried in mud and brush of an old junk pile close to a steep ravine.   How could old farts with bad backs rescue several hundred pounds of cast iron out of dense woods?  We're thinking.
Enjoy your day.
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