Sep 18, 2014


Good day to you.  Everyone well?  Hope so.  I worked on Eliza a little and although this linen is not coarse, I have been shredding the DMC like crazy. 
This has happened before but because of pulling out a good number of errors in this piece, it's become maddening.  Just this morning, two times.  The arrow shows where the thread comes out and you can see one is fine, the other shredded and broke into several pieces.  Another piece...
I never had this trouble with my old DMC skeins.  Maybe because this is 32 count and I never used higher count linens in prior stitching years.  Whatever, it irks me.
This is what the original design looks like and I didn't care for the wacky vase so I changed the symmetry, colors, and fill.  In my defense I didn't change everything - the handles are the same.
Here's where I am and the color I'm considering for the house.  The Uniform Blue is spot on with DMC 413, I'll probably go with the Gentle Art thread.  I haven't followed many of the recommended colors and would prefer the house to not be a color used elsewhere.
And here's what I got yesterday.  I saw the wood frame and metal wheel which made me think it was an old-timer, but my husband said it's a contractor's wheelbarrow.  Still older but not what I thought.  It was free for my bathroom consultation at my cousin's.
I now have several with metal wheels so I think that's enough.  This will go in the back yard somewhere.  I also bought two oak whisky barrel halves that Lowe's had on clearance for 1/2 price.  No where else around here has them any longer, just the newer light wood versions.  Mark drills the metal bands and puts little stainless screws through them to hold the staves in place. We learned from prior barrels!  They stay intact even when rolling to move. I think I'm finished with hanging baskets and will just fill barrels next year.  Next summer.  Summer.  ((sigh))
The cake is gone.  I was going to tell my husband that it slid off the aluminum plate and hit the floor. But he knows that floor dirt would never come between me and chocolate.
If you're looking for a really nice (large!) bundt pan, I recommend the Simax.  I have the 10" and would like to get the 8" and the European.  Very very nice stuff.  Several sources online in various prices.  One is here.
I need to find a small project for my Magma (I'm still in love with it) for the doc this afternoon.  The last time she was there, before the hospital stay, she waited 2 1/2 hours in the waiting room.  I'm taking a cooler with snacks.
I have two things I want to post.  One is about what the doc recommended yesterday, and another is storage of threads.  As soon as my head is on straight!
Have a great day!!

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