Sep 19, 2014

Spending money

Hey!  The sun is out and tomorrow will be in the 70's!  Mark is in the garage cutting the fridge cabinet that Dominic made so we can get it in the house, and then put it back together.  Geez.
Ran errands this morning and flew through the antique shop at the mall.  I'm cheap enough to squeeze a 1938 nickel until the buffalo poops, but I've been loosening up a bit lately.  So I came home with these.  The blue bucket is an ice cream maker?  Don't know don't care.  I pictured it with greenery at Christmas on my front porch.  The little firkin (?) seems to be pretty old.  I'm not knowledgeable about antiques and values so I don't know if I paid too much.  Too late. 
The guy working the counter was surprised at the reasonable price.  Does it look old?  Sure is dirty enough to have been around for a while.
Now about Carole.  She was told by a very nice doctor, to have AV node ablation this Wednesday.  Yikes.  It's not the type of ablation you get for Afib if you don't have a pacemaker, because this procedure shuts off the electrical outlet and you are totally dependent on the pacemaker.  She asked him what happens if the pacemaker fails or malfunctions, and he said "you die".  Really? "Really."  Fairly simple procedure that kills around 6% of patients within the first two days following the ablation.  It is to stop her rapid and irregular rate, but not the Afib, which I don't understand so we are going to her cardiologist Tuesday at 5, and telling the hospital to schedule her later in the day Wednesday in case she backs out.  We need another opinion even though this doctor is highly respected.  There is no going back, no fix, no reversal.  Why can't she have the safer regular ablation?  For now, she is going ahead expecting to be less weak, less breathless, and off several meds.  The one I was concerned about, the dangerous one, he told her to stop immediately.
I'll be back tonight with the winner of the heart.
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