Sep 2, 2014

Summer is over

and I wonder where it went.  One of the worst in memory for a number of reasons, but the weather was as if spring stretched into July and then early fall took it from there.  Our yard is full of dropped leaves already.  It's nice this morning and I can sit outside in the quiet without a sweater and I think that's exactly what I will do.
This afternoon I will take Carole to the hospital for her monitor hookup.  She seems to be feeling a little better, still unable to do much, and her chest is getting worse.  I am insisting on a CT for the sternum to make sure it is not cracked or the force created additional injuries.  Not likely, but after the other procedures touted as "simple" turned life threatening, why chance it?  CPR once is painful, but 10 times may have done more damage. Her 20 year old cat Tippy is failing fast, and 18 year old Buster was attacked by the flies looking for a host.  This isn't helping her right now and she is very upset.
I am on steroids because I look like I have chicken pox.  NEVER had something itch so terribly in my life and thank goodness it is confined to ankles and legs.  Not my usual poison ivy.  Then I stretched to grab something and tipped my wheeled chair over, falling onto my side and hitting the right knee.  Earlier in the day, I had chairs upside down on the table to sweep the floor and when I removed it to set upright on the floor, the top rail swung and hit the left knee. They weren't healed yet so I added a few more weeks to that process.  No big deal.
Not much work being done on Eliza.  I like this Copper Penny linen color, but the other piece I saw was very different, more green, and I am afraid to order it online. But I need some help from you experienced finishers.
 I wanted to stitch a few of these to sell, and I have taken it apart several times because I am not happy with the heart's curve.  This mess is because of all those attempts and I am still looking for a trick to help.  When the curve goes this deep, I don't stitch it all.  I sew down each curve to the point and leave a tiny area unstitched.  Other times I sew one or two stitches straight across.  But I think maybe the stuffing is too dense and this is more of the problem. 
One is sawdust, the other is shells. Sawdust holds the shape better when tightly packed and I'm satisfied with the one on the right.   Satisfied, but not happy.  The Love heart on the right has been the problem, same linen and shape on both. For a simple pincushion or strawberry, the shells are perfect. But even though this was fully filled, they shifted and distorted the heart so I packed more. And more. It's not moving now!
   But the strain on that area is too much.  The linen is not broken even though it appears to be, those are my hand stitches that stretched and stretched.  I will open it once again and have to sew that (what is that center called?) down further to catch that mess and maybe use fiberfill.  The sawdust worked well on the other design and the Love heart originally had it, but I found dust as fine as flour on the table beneath it despite the fusible interfacing and assumed I did not sift it first.  Thinking back, I didn't.  One batch still has the microfine dust in it which falls out when I pounce it in a mesh strainer.  Since it was opened, I wanted to try the shells so I know which would work better if I decide to make a few more. So what is the best method when sewing and stuffing these hearts with deep curves?  Any suggestions for me? 
Another sign of fall - the fawns are no longer spotted.  And they are getting as picky as the cats.  Now, they only want sliced white bread.  They won't eat buns or dinner rolls, Texas toast, potato or egg bread.  When we buy the box for them, it's a combination of whatever is ready to pulled from the shelves so I have to take what I get.
I don't know if this edgy feeling and the jump when the phone rings will fade soon, but it certainly doesn't affect Budman.
Enjoy the week.  Thanks for visiting.



C. M. Designs said...

Oh, Marly. You sure are a trooper. So sorry you've fallen again and anxiety is not helping in your situation.
I will pray that all will go well for Carole.. Bless her heart. It's too bad that her pets aren't doing well right now.. No time is a good time for sick pets.
I've been working on a PS Santa riding in a hot air balloon.. I've never seen so many little black x's in my life.. They are all in the balloon. He's going to be cute when I get him finished.. I hope.
Thinking about you and your family.
Bless Bud's heart too. He's the man !
Charlotte in Virginia..

Anne said...

Sending you hugs Marly for all of your troubles and sore knees right now. Praying also for your sister that she will heal and be ok. How hard it must be for her pets to also be unwell too :(

The hearts are beautiful and I don't see anything wrong with the center there. Should be fine. HUGS

susiedele said...

I've always called that furrow in the hearts center it's cleavage. :-)

Vickie said...

I am interested to see what great tips you get with the hearts. I have the SAME issues with them. argh
Good for you sticking up for your dear sister. How much junk must she endure.
I have added her cats to my prayers for you all.♥

Carol said...

It's just been one thing after another for you and your family this summer, Marly--and this weird weather sure hasn't made things any better, has it?

I'm very interested to read about your itchy rash on your legs as I developed a similar thing (the same thing?). Mine has come and gone twice, but the dermatologist said there is no cure for this particular disease, but that steroids might help. I'm just waiting it out to see if it comes back. Are you sure it's not poison ivy?

Your heart looks great to me--I've never attempted to make one as I know I would be too critical of my own work. I hope you get some good advice from your readers.

Sending a hug your way and hoping for the best for Carole...

Pam in IL said...

First, I'm so sorry that you're going through so much. Too much stress, I'm sure! Keeping you, your sister and the kitties in my thoughts and prayers.

The hearts are adorable! First is the fusible webbing too heavy or too light weight? When I sew any curves, I shorten my stitch length and make sure you have enough seam allowance. Once the sewing is done, clip the seam allowance, but make sure not to clip through the seam stitching. Just a little snip with the scissors so that seam allowance can flatten out once the piece is turned right side out. After you turn the heart right side out, finger press it to get it lay flat and then iron it before stuffing it.

As for the shells, I've always wondered if they are hypoallergenic or if they might cause someone to have an allergic reaction.

Can't wait to see other tips and how they work for you.

Margaret said...

So sorry that you are still having so many mishaps and troubles. Continued prayers for you and your sister. (You don't have shingles, do you??)

Wanda said...

Marly, I am so sorry for everything you are going through. I hope and pray your sister will be okay (and her pets.
Your hearts look beautiful to me!
Sending lots of thoughts and prayers your way!
(Bud is adorable!)

Krista said...

I am glad to hear that your sister is doing a bit better! and send you positive thoughts that she is on the mend. Your sampler is so pretty. I love the fall colors. I am sorry but I am not a finish-er so I am no help there!! Have a good day. Love the pretty deer.

Frances N said...

I'm sorry that this summer has really given so much to deal with! I hope both you and your sister get better really soon! (and the precious pets)
I think your heart finish is so pretty and you've done a good job! We are always our own worst critic!
And, as a cat lover, that Bud is really something!!! too cute!

cucki said...

My dear you are still in my prayers and your sister too
Big hugs xx

Anonymous said...

Marly, I hope the appt. went well yesterday aft. for your sister, and that your itching has eased...NEVER a dull moment is there? All of your sewing looks wonderful, and of course Budman too ! Will keep you and Carole and critters in my healthy thoughts and prayers, Debbie in IL

Jean Bee said...

I stuff my things with a mixture of sawdust, crushed walnut shells, steel wool and bits of cotton/wool scraps. The scraps give it a firm feel and keep the the things from "shifting". I do sew into the area in the middle (whatever you call it) and I sew a double seam. Then I clip about every 1/8" inch so I get perfect curves and no little straight/lumpy spots in the curves. Lots of work but these things last a long long time so it's worth it!

Stitchinowl said...

Continuing to pray for all of you. Hoping for the best with Carole's cats. It's certainly been one thing after another with your family this summer.

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