Sep 23, 2014


Good news for a change.  Our cardiologist thinks she should not jump into another procedure without exhausting all options.  YAY!!!  My sentiments exactly.  An increase in meds, possibly a change to another, and we'll see how the heart rate is affected.  If it helps, great, and we're hoping it will.  If not, the AV node disconnect can be scheduled.  When we talked to the first nurse, she said that two people in the office had it done.  When I asked how long they had their pacemakers before the procedure she replied that they don't have the device.  ???  You can't survive without it after AV node ablation.  She claimed you can and proceeded to give Carole information on having it done.  ???  Do you know what AV node ablation is dipstick?  NOOOooooo you don't, so stop giving out information that is incorrect!  Dammit.  Then the second nurse came in, took one look at Carole, teared up, and said she was at the hospital during her crisis and never had the cardiac ward experienced the anxiety and panic of that day.  So she goes back in 2 months, monitor again in 3 weeks, and the pacemaker box will continue reading.  Did you know that the new devices have an in-home box that sends all your information to a computer?  If there is a problem detected in the pacemaker function or a problem with your heart rate, it will send a report to the doctor.  You can even press a button and have it record the heart activity when you feel a problem.  No extra charge - it comes with the device.  Our advanced technology is mind boggling.  Green or not!   Doc appointments are over for a while and I got her groceries, so all I need to do is give her house and yard a good cleaning.  We stopped at Panera and got their new Autumn Squash soup.  DELICIOUS!!  It killed me to spend $4.60 for a tiny cup but we were giddy on the way home and splurged. I'm such a cheapo. Do I lead a boring life if I celebrate with a cup of soup? 
I'm feeling less anxious and will enjoy the next few days of warmer weather.
Enjoy your week!! 
Thanks for visiting, listening, and caring.
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