Sep 27, 2014

Thread storage

Hello people.  Hope all is well and life is good.  I've been weeding and shopping and errand running for sis for a few days and I think this week she will venture out on her own, cane in hand.  Her friends took her out for lunch Friday and although exhausted, she managed fine.
So how's your thread stored?  A pain isn't it?  How can we keep it easily accessible, neatly stored, out of sight, and dust free?  I have my big floss box and Floss Away bags which works really well for my needs.  I don't do silks, gave away most of the specialty threads, and prefer DMC or Sullivan because it's readily available and perfect for the early look that I prefer.  I have lots of Ginnie Thompson (and DMC) flower thread that I vowed to use one day, but they are all on their cards in one bag somewhere in this house and may never be seen again.
What do stitchers do with various brands of silk, over-dyeds, and specialties?  I found a great post showing all types of storage and can't remember where I saw it.  So I started searching and found a few items that are beautifully made (and expensive) from DMC.
A UK site has this box on sale for $580 and Amazon has it for $799.  No bobbins, just skeins laid in dividers.
Several nice looking chests came up in my search from Herrschners and they are very reasonable.  Or add them to your Christmas wish list.  This 17" tall unit is $100 and states that it can hold up to 450 bobbins.
Three drawer version obviously holds less but may be perfect for over-dyeds or silks, less than $100.  I guess you could use full skeins between the dividers instead of bobbins but it looks like they would have to be folded.
The double holds 240 bobbins for $130.
Since I always have several skeins of the same color, bags are my preference.  Too many DMC colors vary greatly and I want to see the difference and choose the skein. Having them wound on bobbins would not work for me. 
Using the bags takes more space but these cardboard Floss Totes hold over 100 3x5 bags and are only $10.  Right now my extras are in business sized envelopes in heavy boxes from good paper (the paper that we used for typing business correspondence back in the day).  For the price, I may order these since they would be easier to handle and take less space.
I'm finding a lot of other options, mostly the plastic boxes for bobbin storage, but I will keep looking and show what I've found next post.  Many of you have already seen these but for those of us living no where near sources, I hope you see something new that you might like to try.

Lots of outside work to do today - better get started.  If you start seeing verification for comments, it's because I received over 400 spam comments yesterday.  It's getting ridiculous!
Enjoy your weekend and stay safe!
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