Oct 28, 2014

And then there was one

One of the fawns.  No idea what happened to mama.  We saw the other fawn on the highway, but if mama was hit elsewhere, someone could have picked her up.  Many times they continue to run into the woods severely injured, then again, there is a bowhunter behind my house so we will never know.

I worked yesterday on the winter condos.  Nice sloped overhang to shed rain and protect the entry, oak porch floor, and detached garage with step for Squeak.  He's still not family to them so there is a hallway between the triplex and garage.  I finally realized why I wake with a sore throat and headache.  It's them!  Every evening when they are finished gallivanting for the day, I let them in.  The next morning my head is a mushroom.  Foam was half off at JoAnn's so they have an extra set of "matresses" beneath the sherpa fleece pad.  They love it.  I also line the bottom with bed protectors (vinyl backed quilted pad) to help with dampness from the cold.

Ran into a slight problem on Eliz.  Started another card of Uniform Blue and it looked different when stitched so I removed it.  There is much more blue than gray in this one.  I don't mind that it is darker, but the blue is too strong.  The top skein is Soot, more gray, and blends better.  What to do?  Use one strand of each.  Two lines to finish and I think my solution will work fine.
Warm temps followed by thunderboomers and COLD temps for a few days.  Several trees have not shed so we'll be busy for another week with leaves.  Mark ran the lawn tractor to mulch and pick up, but it's so wet he just tore up the yard so back to the Little Wonder.  That's the brand name of our blower and it's true.  The only thing I like about fall is the colors.
Have a great day people!
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Karen said...

I just had to chuckle at the town homes you have built for your fur friends. They remind me of Tijuana Mexico for some reason:) Too cute and I really really like them. You are doing such a good job! Loving that sampler too. Maybe I will do that one with the Uniform Blue I bought. How many of the "packets" have you had to use for it so far? I only bought two of them.

Margaret said...

I hope the mom deer is ok. :( So sad. Love the cat condos -- you are so good to your kitties. Sounds like you're allergic though. Dear dear. Such a pain on the Uniform Blue. Hope your mixing the two works.

Vera said...

Oh no, I hope mama deer is ok. Love your condos for the cats -- you are a good mom to them Marly, but they better stay outside if you are that allergic to them. I think using one thread from each packet will work. Looks beautiful so far.

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Marly, hope the bow hunter didn't get mama or the one baby left...Love the cat condo, very lucky kitty's....Your stitchery is always wonderful. Blessings Francine.

Mary said...

Looks like a cat motel to me, hoping Mama shows up. Hunters...why? The one bad thing about country life, and to me bow hunters seems much more cruel! Please don't start with" they use them for food", this is 2015....we have stores ........ I think Eliz looks great.

cucki said...

So sad
I hope the mom deer Is ok
Thinking of this sweetie x

Robin in Virginia said...

Eliz is looking great, Marly! I think I would try one strand from each skein. Do you have any left from the previous skein?

Your kitty condos made me chuckle. I am thinking they need to stay outside if they are doing that do your head. Hope the fawn finds his Mama!

Robin in Virginia

C M Designs said...

Your kitties have wonderful places to stay in when it gets really cold.. I'm sorry you have allergies..
I hope the bow hunters aren't getting close to your home.. That would be dangerous for you while out in your yard.. Not seeing the Mama deer with her fawn is sad.. I hope she'll be okay and come back to see you.
I think that's a good idea to mix the two skeins of blue.. I love your sampler.
Charlotte in Virginia

Kristen said...

Reading your description of the kitty quarters, I was thinking what a good person you are Marly. Then you note that you have cat allergies to boot?

You're a mensch, truly.

Vickie said...

Wow! Quite the set up the cats have this year. Do they have fleas Marly? How is the flea eradication going for Carole's home?

Frances said...

It makes me sad to think about hunters, etc. What a precious, beautiful fawn.
You've really fixed up a wonderful "winter palace" for the kitties! They'll be very comfortable and happy there!! :-)

Three Sheep Studio said...

I adore how you 'love on' those kitties. What a treasure you are !

Mugwump Woolies said...

Your "condo cats" are a lucky bunch. On our recent trip north I saw at least a half dozen deer on the side of the road...lifeless and forgotten. It made me very sad. Bad enough when they are struck down by traffic, but unimaginable when taken down by intent with a bow...where's the sport in that?

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