Oct 29, 2014

Window washing

Greetings!  How's your day going?  Ready for a boring post about how happy I am with my clean Dawned windows?  And a beat up piece I found at the antique mall?
Our storm has come and gone, left a mess, but the sun is starting to peek through this chilly day. Before the downpours, I worked outside all day with those damn chores that pile up.  After years of smeared and streaked windows (and cussing), I tried a different approach several years ago and am very pleased with the results.  Between the road's gritty dust, the leaves and the lawn tractor kicking up a dust storm, my window washing was always time consuming and frustrating. 
One year I filled a bucket with hot water and Dawn, covered a scrub brush mop with an old terry towel,
saturated it without wringing, scrubbed down everything, hosed it off before the soap dried, left to air dry (you can dry them with another thick towel over the mop)
and they shine.  Clean clean clean, no residue.  And no ladder needed.  They were hit hard with the rain last night but still look great.  I can go over them with my glass cleaning microfiber rag, either damp or with a squirt of Cinch, but that's quick and easy, may not even do that.  The dirt and smears are already gone.  I've tried so many types of cleaners, natural and not, but I went through rag after rag and still had film/smearing.  This works for my dirt and doesn't take long. I love Dawn.
Stopped at the antique place and told them to get more beat up pieces.  I'm tired of all the glass and silver!  I saw this before and passed on it, but bought it today thinking it would fit nicely on the back of the commode but of course it does not.  It was made from a wooden box stamped Trojan Powder Allentown, PA.  Odd hexagon shaped nails with flat heads.
Trojan is a type of dynamite and several workers were killed in an explosion in Allentown in 1914.  I saw a few early antiques elsewhere and just shook my head at the prices.  So if I see something beat up and reasonable like this piece, I get it.  I like the look, not concerned about authenticity.  Long ago I purchased a type of spinning wheel that I hadn't seen elsewhere.  When I tried to sell it, I couldn't even get what I paid for it.  So it stays here.  Maybe I'll take a few snaps and someone can tell me more about it. 
I finished the sampler last night and will show her next time. 
Have a great day!
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Barb said...

What a huge help!! We always have problems with streaks on newly washed windows. I will try your Dawn for sure!!!! I do like the little box you bought!

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for the tip

CJ said...

I like to clean my windows with Dawn and a splash of vinegar.

Love the box.


The Inspired Stitcher said...

Oh Marly, thank you for this tip about the windows. Mine are a mess right now. I've always wondered just how birds poop sideways? I know, it's a random thought. Now I can clean those windows up and not use a whole roll of paper towel!

Three Sheep Studio said...

That is exactly how I do my windows - that is, when I do them !!! Which isn't often. Hmmm, is this the year to do them or is it next year ??!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Dawn is great for so many things. Also vinegar works well.

Nice box--have you thought about using it to hold your stitching supplies?

cucki said...

yup :)
i am agree my dear..
i love the box so much..
love you x

Carol said...

Your Dawn tip is coming at a perfect time, Marly--November is our big window washing month right before the gang arrives for Thanksgiving. Will definitely give it a try--thanks!

Margaret said...

Good tip on the Dawn for the windows. I so need to window clean! Love your find -- very interesting on the history of the piece. Spinning wheel, huh? is it useable? I keep dreaming about learning to spin. lol! It'll never happen though. I already have too many crafts to do.

Robin said...

Wow, what a great window washing tip! Will have to try it soon! I like your box; great find!

Robin in Virginia

Rugs and Pugs said...

Thanks for the window washing tip. I REALLY need to try it. Mine are disgusting.
Great wood box. I love things make out of old crates. I have the most darling little hanging cupboard made from an old Victrola box. It is one of my favorite pieces.
Hugs :)

Pam in IL said...

Thanks for the window washing tip. I wonder how bad my house will look with the first floor windows clean and the second & third floor windows filthy since I'm not able to climb a ladder.

backporchcarver said...

I also use one of those sponge mop things for floors, it has a replaceable sponge. don't know if its for washing floors or for spreading wax on floors but it works great for windows.Been doing this for years. another thing that works great is jet dry that you use in the dishwasher to stop streaks and spots on your glasses.

Berit said...

Beautiful. Dawn is the best. I like the foam pump type. And, umn, I discovered in a pinch that I like it for toilet bowls, too.

Truus said...

Love tips for window cleaning because living within 2 meters of a road,the windows are very dirty.But don't know what Dawn is-so no help for me....
Love your box-great voor scissors etc.for your embroidery stuff.
have a great day
greetings,Truus from the Netherlands

gracie said...

Great tip for cleaning the windows..not that I do, Mr H does them. But I will pass it on to him. Love the box you found...

C. M. Designs said...

I LOVE Dawn too. My plumber told me to always use it to wash dishes.. He said it would keep the drain open.
I LOVE clean windows. Yours are beautiful.
I have used my Swiffer thingy to clean my large van windows.. Couldn't reach the middle of the window but can with the Swiffer and an old wash cloth tucked in. I used Windex or something like it.. Should have used Dawn !
Your box is wonderful.
Looking forward to seeing Eliz all finished.
Charlotte in Virginia

Earlene L. said...

Marly who would have thought about Dawn detergent!!!!! I am trying it cause I need to wash windows ( my least favorite chore) hoping they clean themselves but no luck!
Thanks for sharing!!!!!!
Have a wonferful Thursday.

Mugwump Woolies said...

Dawn is to women what duct tape is to men...it's good for everything! Can't wait to try this...probably this weekend.

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Ohhh yea... I have started using Dawn for so much more. Our windows are awful. So will try and convince hubs to try this one... with that splash of vinegar too.
Lucky you... great wooden find.

Peace as always,

Shirlee said...

Thanks for the window washing tutorial! I might try that next spring rather than open the up & clean them from inside.

Melody said...

Your windows look great! I may have to try your method. I seem to get streaks.

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