Oct 5, 2014

Up and downs of Ebay

Hiya.  I forgot to show my latest Ebay win.  YAY!!  Doesn't happen too often.  She is Mary Spinney from the Examplarery.
I never saw this before (that I can remember) and it's just my style.  Usually there are lots of photos of reproduction samplers when you search Google Images, but not this time.  Very surprising to me because I think it's a great piece.  Sometimes the bids are reasonable and other times, ridiculous.  I sold Mary Slatter a while back, she is offered often, and take a look at the difference in recent prices.

On 7/23 sold for $5.49 with free shipping and the paper faces, 9/4 she sold for $99.99 - on 9/12 a 99¢ offer did not sell - on 9/19 she sold for $26.51.   I've listed charts that I thought would get a good price and I got stomped.  Recently a BOAF Gold Santa went for around $7.50.  Not bad considering many went for much more.  I have my eye on several others and am surprised at some of the bids (so far) on antique pieces.  But you never know until the final seconds, or you forget completely and aren't there at that time to up your highest bid.  Hopefully I'll have a few more to share with you this week.
I'm spending the afternoon cleaning sis's house and waking up with a sore throat means I have to stay away from her.  That will work out fine though because she doesn't want anywhere near dust rags, vacuum cleaners, mops, glass cleaners, and all those tedious annoyances.  Her bedroom looks like an auction house.  Good grief woman!  There are so many bottles of lotions it's mind boggling.  I take a few every time I am there and so far she hasn't noticed.  The nursing home will get a large batch to pass out as bingo prizes along with anything else I can pilfer.  Most all of it are gifts from her many many friends.  You can only use so much and the older we get, the less we need.  Unless it's for a pastime or hobby of course.  When I was working, I suggested we each choose a charity to benefit from our exchange gifts but not one person agreed with me.  I threw a hissy fit because everyone was doing very well and there were others in much greater need.  I insisted my gift be given to animal welfare and in their quarterly newsletter, instead of listing the donation "in honor" of me, they listed the donation "in memory" of me.  The really sad thing - when I brought it in the office to show them for a laugh, the young people did not know the difference.  Since they didn't know that in memory is for deceased individuals, I didn't take it personally.
And look what's out of the family room and in the kitchen!  Mark made the runners and plywood cutouts will slide into them for tray dividers when the varnish is dry.  Lots of cookie and baking goods storage!  The doors will go on, and the fridge cabinet is finished.  Soapstone will be installed in three weeks and we have the area above the stove and next to the fridge to finish off with trim.
 The open shelf can be cut out to accommodate a higher fridge in the future if necessary.  We're used to throwing stuff on top of it so a few wooden bowls will hide our bad habits.
Have a wonderful week!!
Thanks for visiting.


Cathy B said...

Marley, i don't comment often, but wanted you to know that I always read your posts. Enjoy your day today. Don't spend too much time cleaning.

Earlene L. said...

Hi Marly....I LOVE LOVE the dark background on that Sampler!!!!!! I have never seen that before.
I know what you mean about the lotion, think how much hospitals would save if they didn't pass out so much of it....crazy.

Anonymous said...

Hello Marly, Great post! Good luck with the EBay auctions! SAH

Jacqueline said...

Yahoo on your buy and on the progress in the kitchen. Take care and stay healthy.

jan said...

Kitchen is looking good, Marly. ...jan

Margaret said...

I like what I'm seeing in your kitchen. Hope things progress nicely. Hope you don't get miserable sick -- just a simple sore throat that goes away. Ebay can be very weird. The Porcupine Collection charts are available -- they've been reprinted, so don't know why they should sell for high prices anymore. Examplerary are hard to come by though, I think. Anything BOAF should be hard to come by too!

Sandra Sullivan said...

I love your sampler and I really love the way your kitchen is coming along!

Rugs and Pugs said...

There is no rhyme or reason to the prices on eBay.
Friday at work one of our young motor equipment operators was calling off because his uncle had surgery. I got way more information than I wanted to know. Then he asked me if he could take bereavement time. I asked if his uncle had died and he said no. I had to explain to him that bereavement could only be taken if his uncle died.
Hugs :)

Barb said...

Great luck on Ebay. It is not at all predictable. I always check around a lot before I bid. I have seen people pay more than the asking price for something that is still available! Go figure! Kitchen is looking good!

Lida said...

Love the smaplers you are showing! Great find!
What a good idea to give it for charity, I have lots of things from my Mam and they are stored in big boxes in my workroom and I hate that, if I bring it to a auction I can give the result to a charity! Hope it will have a good result, can not put it on e-bay, that would not bring much.

Melanie said...

A bunch more BOAF patterns are being reprinted now. (Though I've yet to come across WHY.) A lot of what is listed as 'out of print' on eBay can actually be had on 123stitch for $6-7. (But not Gold Santa. Why are Black & Green Santa reprinted but not Gold? It is an odd situation to be sure.)

Pam in IL said...

The kitchen cabinet looks good! I bet you're really glad to have it out of the family room. I hope you didn't work too hard cleaning at your sister's.

dogwoodfarm said...

Love your cabinet!
What color did you decide on?
Great samplers!

Maggee said...

Success in the kitchen! Yay! You do love samplers... and are so knowledgeable. I have one or two, but have my likes and dislikes, so they are few and far between. Ebay confuses me too... I was looking for a chart in a set and the prices were so varied, didn't make sense! Also didn't purchase! Try putting an open container of water in your bedroom for the sore throat (Just on a dresser or cabinet...)-- could be lack of humidity. It works for me! Hugs!

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