Oct 4, 2014


Greetings.  In continuing the floss storage post, I thought I would show a craft room that will make you sigh. 
Julie, if you read this, I tried to contact you before featuring your posts but I get nowhere when I click your email button.  Julie's blog, I'll cross that leg when I get to it, showed her craft room back in 2009 which is more organized than any room in my home.  You can see it all here (take a peek).  Happy to see I'm not the only one that needs a fan.
But if the room isn't enough to make you swoon, take a look at her floss storage.  The post about this enviable project is here.   I'm so sorry that I didn't keep all the old storage drawers that my dad kept his nuts, bolts, and nails in.  They were much heavier and deeper than today's lighter versions.  You can find them in big box stores or online here. Everything is being made so much cheaper, yet costs so much more.  I gave the bakery clerk a look the other day because the cake and sour cream donuts are so tiny it's ridiculous.  Same price of course.  They were regular size last week!  Calculating our Consumer Price Index is so deceitful.  Our "basket of goods" example several months ago included steaks, fresh asparagus and broccoli, oranges, apples, pineapple, a gallon of milk, turkey breast from the deli, sliced swiss cheese, multi grain bread.  A few months later our basket of goods, because the prices had risen and we weren't buying the same items, had high fat ground beef, canned beans, frozen broccoli, canned fruits, half gallon of milk, processed bologna, processed cheese slices, white bread.  Well let's see....the second "basket of goods" costs about the same as the other so our numbers look pretty good.  Based on what we are buying, what's in the basket, not the same exact item from month to month, yields a much better report than the other two methods of calculation. 
Was off on a tangent but I'm back on track now.  I haven't mentioned it in quite a while but YES my hormones or lack thereof still flip a switch every once in a while.  Sometimes I look around and ask "who was THAT?"
Another great idea I saw on Pinterest is the shallow stacking drawers from The Container Store here.  Using the zip lock bags you can store a ton of floss by number and have the number sequence labeled on the drawers.  This 12 drawer unit on wheels is $139.
It also comes in a 4 drawer unit with dividers, great for speciality threads, at $49. They have other options too but I like these units because of the stacking feature and these two do not have lids for each section like the 3 drawer chest does.
There's always the bobbin boxes and tackle boxes and multitude of containers that we can use, but I thought these were a little different.
I just heard the wind and looked outside to see HAIL!! At the same time, several shots rang out in the woods. Hunting season. I better call the brats to come in.
Gotta run!!
Thanks for visiting.


Rugs and Pugs said...

My floss is such a mess that whenever I need a color, it is easier to buy new than to look for it. Sad...
COLD here in Ohio today. UGH!!!
Hugs :)

Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Marly, it's cold and nasty here too, I hear the wind echoing in the chimneys. You didn't mention how your sister is doing, hope things are better. That craft room is so perfect that I don't think she does anything in there...haha, no mess or evidence of projects. All your storage ideas for floss are great, but I can never manage to keep things that way, I start off with good intentions and everything on a little plastic bobbin in a nice plastic box, then I pull out what I need and it never gets returned to its spot, just ends up tangled in a drawer, then I have to buy new floss!

Margaret said...

I'm definitely not organized. Ugh. My house is a mess, my stash is a mess. I need to take some time and organize. Will I? Who knows.

Frances N said...

Oh my--what a gorgeous craft room!!! I have to agree with everything Margaret said!!! Messy house, stash, etc. And I also don't know if it'll ever get better! LOL

Barb said...

What great organizing ideas. But what will I do with the bag I throw them all in if I get so organized!!

bluetit said...

just a dream!

Pam in IL said...

I wish I had some floss organization. I'm just too lazy to spend time organizing because I'd rather do other things, lol. Hunting and harvest season around here and we actually had snowflakes Saturday morning. I'm so glad I only heard about it and didn't actually see them!

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