Nov 26, 2014

Crabby is putting it mildly

Well, no one is coming to measure for the soapstone today.  Why?  We drove out twice, chose our slabs, paid for half, worked out the base cabinet and apron sink that would be made in their shop.  Right there.  Perfect fit.  I sent emails and photos, received calls asking for cabinet details, and talked to them four times. Yesterday, the day before they were to come out, they inform me that the sink cabinet needs to be in place before they will come out to template the counter.  What?  They're making both.  The opening is exactly 30".  What more do they need?  Almost $1000 to build one 30" wide, plank door, short sink base, before they come out.  Are you fricking kidding me?  After all these months waiting and now they tell me this?  If that's the case, the cabinet should have been built along with the fitted sink and delivered at which time they could have measured for the counter.  The new one will be exactly the same width as the current one and they also want the old top removed in order for them to measure. I don't understand.  I can't tell you how disgusted I am and honestly, I may get Formica and stainless steel which is guaranteed to be installed and completed in a week, and I'll have eight grand to spend on something else.  Sorry to bitch and rant and complain but nearing the end of this frustrating project, I didn't expect another contractor to fail me.  By the time Dominic builds this piece that will be out of square and foreign to his knowledge, it's installed, they reschedule for the template, I will never have it before Christmas. How do you install a cabinet with a plywood platform for a single bowl apron sink, into an existing double bowl/drain without cutting up the platform to get it in?  Remove the sink and water supply and wait for weeks until they fabricate the job?  No.  I'm not willing to do that while needing the kitchen for the holidays, just because they need a new 30" base instead of the 30" existing base in order to measure.  Matches will not be enough, I may invest in a flamethrower.
Yes I have much to be thankful for.  Do I feel guilty for being in this mood?  Yes.  And no.

Do we have to be in a good mood to be grateful?  No we don't.  We have many emotions, hormones or not, and they can't all be squeezed into one neat package of happy for the day.  Sometimes we're crabby and that's OK.
I will get over it, move past it, laugh it off, and come up with a solution.  In the end, it's just a kitchen.  I have a roof over my head and food on the table, clothes on my back, cats on my bed, family, and you guys. 

Ahhhhh. That felt good and the crab is slipping back into the water.  But he won't go too deep, he'll be back.
Be thankful, be yourself.
Happy Thanksgiving. 


Vickie said...

I like the "cats on my bed" part the best. ;)
God bless you Marly. Happy Thanksgiving!

gracie said...

So frustrating! I hope it will get sorted out real soon. Happy Thanksgiving.

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

sometimes being a crab is all we got….
and it's ok. but it's not ok for a company to act like idiots. shame on them.

Mary said...

Marly, I don't know why we haven't read about some "incident" at your place. I would have exploded by now..... You are correct about what you have. Your kitchen will be finished...maybe you should go the compromise way, they make some pretty nice formica now...but I know what you want is what you want! Have a good day tomorrow.

Margaret said...

I don't blame you for the crabby. It's allowed. Like you said, being crabby doesn't mean you're not grateful for the important things in your life. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

I like Be Thankful, Be Yourself! That is great advice. As for the kitchen - go out in the woods and scream - it might help.

Jacqueline said...

Happy thanksgiving to you and yours.

Ronin said...

Happy Thanksgiving day.
Here in Holland we don't celebrate. But I think it must festive when in the mood.

Penny said...

Ugh... I can't believe the latest "situation" with your remodel!! So frustrating, especially now at holiday time.... Hang in there, and have a
Happy Thanksgiving!

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

I agree with ALL the above comments. You are a better person than I!
Hope you are able to EnJoY the Thanksgiving festivities ... I know you will cause like I said, "You are a better person than I".

Happy Thanksgiving with Peace and Blessings to ALL,

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for YOU Marly. You make me laugh and you say things the way that I think them.
It will all work out. You just need more chocolate.
Hey - instead of a tofurkey, how about a chocurkey? Turkey-shaped chocolate is a main course I could get behind.

Anonymous said...

I wish we lived closer to you. My husband is a cabinet maker and he would have no problem with what you want. He's been amazed at all the issues you've had.
Have a great holiday!

Melody said...

There's nothing wrong with being crabby. It's allowed. Sometimes I think we have to be or we will just blow up completely. LOL. Good luck on the sink issues.

Happy Thanksgiving!

diamondc said...

We have built seven homes in 37 years, we used to have problems like your until we told the stupid idiot we wanted to cancel our order with them, boom they can do it tomorrow that is how nasty I got with them.
Nowadays they should take into account that the web is their enemy, word travels fast on the web.
Have a wonderful thanksgiving.


penny doty said...

I think you can be crabby as long as you don't take it out on the wrong people, I have been tryig really hard to turn the other cheek, but I think I would of fired the contractor after that, really for a sink, my hubby and his friend did our big kitchen in one afternoon. I am sorry you are having such a hard time, may you be blessed with a beautiful Thanksgiving and Christmas. GOD bless. and thank you for sharing

Kristen said...

I'm with you all the way, Marly. You just can't force a good mood. Happy Thanksgiving to you, your husband and sister, and the brats. :)

Sandra Sullivan said...

Crabby is allowed and then some. You have been more than tolerant with all the things that have gone wrong with that kitchen. Just hope you can get it finished in time for Christmas. Also, hope you have something chocolate on your Thanksgiving menu!!!

Carole said...

"Crabby" can be good for your mental health sometimes!

Maggee said...

In the spring, I may have thought or even mentioned that my husband could do so much better... but due to the fact that we live in different states... not possible. But truly, IF there were no licensing issues, we could have come up there and had it done!! What a bunch of terrible mistakes they are making! Idiots! There! Relieved some of MY stress now! As usual, I am behind in reading blogs... so you might have posted about having a great Thanksgiving already... Hope it was! Big Hugs!

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