Nov 25, 2014

Box info

Hiya.  I've been receiving emails about the box sale so thought I would update.  The quality of the mache is not what it used to be.  I have to purchase in sets of 3 and when I open the cellophane and see the insides of the boxes, I'm not satisfied.  Locally I have one store that carries boxes (in sets).  Hobby Lobby sells individually by opening the sets, and they won't open another set until inventory in depleted, which means I could wait weeks and get only one box.  Can you tell I'm disgusted?  So the amount for sale will be less than before and except for a special request, will be all Mary Antrim.  They will be listed on the Sampler Box page Thanksgiving morning.
I have received three calls so far from the counter top people who are also making the cabinet to hold the sink.  They don't seem to get it.  Photo after photo of the simple inset plank doors on a basic 30" apron sink base, and I got two more calls about it today.  Can't believe it.  Something tells me none of this will go right.
My sister is having more episodes of breathlessness and rate problems, won't call for an earlier appointment so she won't be seen until mid December.  I still have to take care of her house which was delayed because of my illness.
I went up to take a shower the other day and spotted something large and black on my bed pillows.  I kept trying to determine if it was a sweater or my jeans - until it moved and I almost dropped through the floor.  BUD!!!  How the hell did you get up here!!
Right now I am waiting for the garage door opener installer that was to come this morning.  It's almost 2pm.  God help him.  I am a touch crabbier than usual.  For his sake, I hope he's good looking.  I've been lucky for a while now so the odds are getting slim.
Have a great day, wonderful Thanksgiving, and safe travels.


Jacqueline said...

I hope you find some calm in your life soon. If not I am afraid your head is going to blow. It is funny to read, but can not be to live. Happy Thanksgiving yo you and yours.

Angie said...

Marly, I hope your sister gets well. I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. Like Jacqueline entertain us with your funny reads....but it must be tough on you. I do hope the guy was very good looking!

Ronin said...

Oh dear take care of yourself and your loved ones. Have a great Thanksgiving. Love to read your blog. Hope you're feeling better now. Warm Regards from Amsterdam.

Barb said...

You are definitely having one of those days!! I can identify with that!

Robin said...

Hope the garage door opener installed finally arrived! Sorry Bud gave you a fright. Wishing you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving.

Robin in Virginia

C. M. Designs said...

Sending my very best wishes for a happy, restful, peaceful, blessed Thanksgiving..
I hope all of the stress and complications will ease up.
Prayers for Carole.
I know Bud mush have thought he was in Heaven while on your pillow.. Those kitties know the best places to sleep..
Squeak looks like he's a fat and sassy kitty.. He must be eating better..
Thinking about you!
Charlotte in Virginia

Maggee said...

Gosh I hope that life simmers down for you soon! You certainly have your fair share of troubles... Sorry! Sending Big Hugs!

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