Nov 23, 2014

The faucet

Hi all.  Happy Sunday of melting snow.  Are you having a busy weekend with all the sales?  "Preview" black Friday prices, but in effect now, a one-day only sale that started two days ago and another one-day sale starting tomorrow that also runs for two days, lowest prices of the season today only - until tomorrow when you'll get the lowest prices of the season.  On select items.  It's the lowest price on certain items and the next lowest price day is on other items.  Give me a break.  Put it all on sale and quit messing with our minds!
Let's talk faucets.  No I don't have the countertop yet and he is coming out Wednesday for the final measure which means another two weeks after that for installation.  They are an hour away so I hope weather won't interfere.  I studied all my favorite kitchen designer's photos and found the two faucets they use most often.  Herbeau for $1700 (with side spray, cheaper without).
  Moving on I found several others that I really like but my decision isn't easy.  Since I have to purchase online and have no idea how dark the bronze is or the difference between brushed, tumbled, rubbed, antique, and aged, I hesitated.  But my real question - would the darker browns look OK on a black soapstone counter?  And since I have stainless steel appliances and black hinges and accents, is bringing another metal into the small area a mistake?  Who the hell cares?  It's my kitchen. I won't know how it looks with the sink and counter until they're here yet I need the faucet for the installation.  What to do?
  I found a reasonable faucet in brushed stainless at Lowe's (Wetherly by Moen) in the pump style I prefer, and it goes perfectly with the appliances and also the new and old pewter.  I can live with it and always change my mind later once I see how it all looks. This came in bronze but I didn't like the streaks of red showing that are supposed to age it.  Every manufacturer has a different "bronze" finish and some I do not care for.

And this one is Squeak!  He always ends up with food on his nose.  We leaned a piece of plywood against the house for protection and he stays  here once in a while.  I've moved his condo to several places but he is still too skittish to enter.

Hope everyone's week gets off to a good start.  Thanksgiving!!!  Good grief it's only a week to December.
Thanks for visiting!

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