Dec 18, 2014

Fly away Jingle Bird!

Spread your wings and find a new home.  A quick giveaway to you my friends.  Yes another.  Unplanned, but I want to offer a little gift of gratitude for your support.  I stained the bird with walnut dye because he was a bit too clean-cut for me.  He measures 4 1/2" square without the fringe. 
  I will draw a name Saturday evening at 8pm EST. 
Carole is doing well except for the pain.  The surgery took longer because they had to replace a questionable lead from the first implantation before adding the new third lead, change the generator/transformer in the unit, and this all took place before the node ablation.  Somehow, they burned her chest with an instrument but she is not allowed to use any medication on it because it is too close to the incision.  No driving for 3 weeks and wearing a sling on the surgery side for the same length of time.
If you would like Jingle Bird, leave your name, initials if no-reply, on this post.
Thank you all again!
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