Dec 20, 2014

Winner, Comet, Carole, Cats

How's the weekend going so far?  Mine started with Carole not being able to breathe again and it lasted for quite a while.  She has been OK since and is concerned as to the real cause.  This should not be happening.
I wanted to show you the other chart I got from Early America 1815.  Comet's Feather Tree.  You can find Jingle Bird and Comet on her Picture Trail site.  It may be closed until after Christmas but her contact information is listed.
I changed the stag's body, left off the date, and added a rusty star (clear nail polish on back).  Haven't had time to do the blanket stitch around three sides, poke holes in the heavy felted wool back for the leather laces.  Probably won't either.  Tomorrow is cleaning day at Carole's, then taking her to the hospital for labwork Monday, get groceries, make Nona's risotto or Baba's stuffed cabbage for Christmas Eve.  Platters and buffet for Christmas.  I just can't do more than that and our traditional meals will not be served this year.  Haven't even baked a cookie so for the first time in forever, I will have to purchase a store's cookie tray.  That's OK.  The food isn't what's important.
 Here's my newest problem.  This large mean cat will not leave.  I have seen him in the woods once in a while over the years but he is now invading their space.  This is Squeak cowering and trying to sneak away from him.  I chase him away but he keeps coming back.  A half hour later, I saw Missy fly by and found Bud with the yellow cat.  It ran away and I grabbed Bud and carried him into the house while being scratched to heck.  He's hurt.  Full of mud, yellow hair on his face, bleeding paws and leg, hasn't moved for hours.  I tried getting a closer look but he started hissing and growling at me.  I think they both are hurting.  How do I keep him away?  Nitzy is skinny and young, nothing like big Budman, and will really get hurt.  Squeak won't come in and the other two don't want to stay in.  I have a little antibiotic liquid left and I will start Bud on it tomorrow morning if I can hold him.  He's been in here for hours and still won't allow me near him.

And now for the drawing.  The winner is Sheravery.  I can't contact you so please email your location and address to me.  Jingle Bird will be winging it Monday morning.
Thanks again to all of you for participating.  
Welcome to new followers!  I hope you will enjoy visiting, and I thank you all for continuing the relationships we share through this medium.  I'm not a Facebooker, not on Instagram, and enjoy the blogland way of connecting with others and learning more about fellow stitchers and their lives.
I am more exhausted than I realized, and am unplugging for a week while preparing for the holiday.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas.
If I'm not back before then, best wishes for a wonderful and Happy New Year.


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