Dec 29, 2014

It was only one decision!

And I still couldn't make it. 
Roses are red,
violets are blue,
I chose neither,
so green is the hue.
I think the grayish green of 3011 would make a great monotone sampler with the dark frame I have in mind.  Chose the lighter 32 count linen and set aside the red floss on the unbleached piece.  My overdyed floss is probably not enough to complete the project and ordering another skein would never be close.  I don't want to wait for a new order to come in because I am almost at the point that I don't even care about samplers.  Did I just say that?  Yes.  If I take even a short break, it will become much longer than I plan.
Thank you for the good wishes and prayers, once again, for nephew Chris. He has been diagnosed, it's very serious, and he is still in the hospital. 
 I'm sure others have these sudden moments, sort of a reality check, taking in events and the past.  I came out of the shower, wrapped a towel around, and went to the vanity.  Did you ever just stand in front of a mirror and stare at yourself?  How the face and body has changed?  Wondering what is next?  Where did the years go?  I buried my face into my hands and just stood there.  Slowly I pulled open my hands, stroking the sides of my face, revealing it once again.  I stood there looking in the mirror, and thought........
this is how I would look after a facelift.  Make an appointment.  Soon.
See 'ya later.  Any bets on color changes?
Thanks for visiting.


Ana Roat said...

I'd take a boobie lift over a face lift. If I could get the girls back up where they belong I'd feel about 10 years younger! ha,ha,ha...

Remember...the older the bottle the better the wine!

Go with the green. Looks pretty againt the natural linen.

Continued prayers...ana

rosek1870 said...

Love the green on the linen. Totally understand getting sick of one kind of pattern - maybe time for a change. No worries about aging. As much as I would like to lose my "chins and a few lines I think aging gracefully is the way to go. It seems like people don't know when to stop plastic surgeries and losing weight so I've decided to age gracefully as my mother did. No money for a face lift anyway lol.

Will be praying for your nephew!

C. M. Designs said...

Do you ever look in the mirror and think to yourself, am I real ? I think there is a name for that but don't know what it is..
I do what you did all the time. After my surgery in 2000 the time has flown by so quickly and I don't know why.. I think the older we get the faster time seems to fly.
I thought for sure you'd chose the blue, but if you like the green go with it.. Maybe a little of both ? with some red thrown in for good measure ? I know it will be beautiful no matter what color you chose..
I'm terribly sorry about Chris and the diagnosis.. I hope Carole is feeling better through all that's going on. More prayers will be said for sure.
My daughter and I were talking (today) about how much our "Boo" kitty used to look like the "Budman" and Nitzy..
Thinking of you and your family.
Charlotte in Va.

Barb said...

Do you have room for me to go along?? Do you ever get those emails from friends about how good it is to be getting old??!! Well intended. After all there is only one alternative. I will continue prayers for your family.

Pondside said...

I really like the green you've chosen. I'm sorry about the serious diagnosis. I know about getting this sort of information. So very hard. Please take care of yourself while you're caring for everyone else.

Mary said...

I like the green, sorry about your nephew I will continue to hope for the best. I would love a facelift except for the surgery part, so I guess I will keep the ugly neck. Now my Mother ( 97) still has a beautiful neck...oh well. Luckily I still am tall ( 5'10), haven't started the shrink yet. Take care.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I look in the mirror and wonder what the hell happened. This getting old is not for sissies, but at least I am still blessed with my health.
Continued prayers for your sister and nephew.
Hugs and Happy New Year.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

my hands - they look so old!! I don't want to look at the rest!!

Robin said...

I like the green on your linen choice, but I am not going to place a bet. Continuing to keep you and your family in my prayers.

Robin in Virginia

Casa Pearl said...

I love the green you chose and look forward to seeing your progress. I'm sending good health wishes to all of your family and that 2015 will be a more positive one for you and yours.

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Marly, I just got caught up on all of your posts, I've unplugged a little over the past few days. I'm so sorry to read of Carole's son. I am writing his name and Carole's name in my prayer intention book. I will pray most devoutly for their health and complete healing.

Margaret said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Carole's son. Prayers for him and for Carole's recovery are being sent. I am quite shocked these days by the changes I see in myself -- growing older in so many ways. It's a weird thing, growing older.

Karen said...

Go with green. It is suppose to be a healing color. You all need healing. I am glad you are a strong woman. I admire you.

Sue, too said...

The green is pretty and is one of my go-to colors. I also like 930-931-932 blues and the 3041 and 3042 mauve/purples for monochromes as well.

When in doubt, they're not samplers. They're mindless keep the hands busy and the mind distracted projects.

Hang in there and all will eventually settle in just the way it should.

Chris said...

I Love the green.
Thanks for the update on Chris. I will keep him in my prayers.
Peace, my friend!

gracie said...

I know that feeling after looking in the mirror for too long a moment! I try not to. Love the color of green you selected. Keeping you all in my thoughts as the new year approaches.

Maggee said...

I certainly know about how difficult it can be to make a simple decision during a crisis. I have had to make plenty this year, and sometimes it felt like my brain was lead!! Continued prayers... Green is good, reminds me of plants and new life... appropriate enough for a new start. Big Hugs!

Frances N said...

The green is lovely and your stitching will be so pretty with it!
I remember my mother saying that she would look in the mirror and couldn't believe what she was seeing!!! Now I understand what she meant!!! In addition to the little (or not so little) nip and tuck things I need, I also need a magic shot or pill for my memory! That seems to be going, too!
I am so sorry to read about your nephew and I hope that he and all of your family will have a better, healthy, and happy 2015!

Melody said...

I agree with the growing older realization. I look in the mirror, and think what happened?! Wrinkles...aging skin. yeesch!

I like the green you chose. I hope you find relaxation and comfort in your stitches. That is what keeps me stitching. I'm sorry to read about Carol's son, hope things improve.

Ruth said...

Yes, where did those grey hairs come from? And those spots on my hands>? Sigh. Prayers for the nephew... and your love of samplers. The green is divine.

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