Dec 29, 2014

It was only one decision!

And I still couldn't make it. 
Roses are red,
violets are blue,
I chose neither,
so green is the hue.
I think the grayish green of 3011 would make a great monotone sampler with the dark frame I have in mind.  Chose the lighter 32 count linen and set aside the red floss on the unbleached piece.  My overdyed floss is probably not enough to complete the project and ordering another skein would never be close.  I don't want to wait for a new order to come in because I am almost at the point that I don't even care about samplers.  Did I just say that?  Yes.  If I take even a short break, it will become much longer than I plan.
Thank you for the good wishes and prayers, once again, for nephew Chris. He has been diagnosed, it's very serious, and he is still in the hospital. 
 I'm sure others have these sudden moments, sort of a reality check, taking in events and the past.  I came out of the shower, wrapped a towel around, and went to the vanity.  Did you ever just stand in front of a mirror and stare at yourself?  How the face and body has changed?  Wondering what is next?  Where did the years go?  I buried my face into my hands and just stood there.  Slowly I pulled open my hands, stroking the sides of my face, revealing it once again.  I stood there looking in the mirror, and thought........
this is how I would look after a facelift.  Make an appointment.  Soon.
See 'ya later.  Any bets on color changes?
Thanks for visiting.
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