Dec 26, 2014

Mary Lamin's Sampler

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.
Ours was spent once again in a hospital room.  Never got to bake cookies, have a family dinner, wrap gifts, relax.
 I scheduled this post to appear Friday - it's the only thing I am sure of at this point. 
Right now I am at the hospital waiting for scope results. Christmas day 2013 was spent in the same hospital when Carole's heart failure began.  This year, it's her son.  We have no answers, they aren't sure of the problem, and sent him home from the ER twice before realizing there is something radically wrong.  Staff is short during Christmas week. We postponed the dinners to this weekend, but that has been cancelled.  She's very upset, not allowed to drive, not recovered from last week's surgery, so we're going back and forth to see him and helping her.  I don't even know what day it is most times but I know where the Ativan is!  His girlfriend is there when she can be and has been a big help. 

Mary Lamin's Lord's Prayer from Homespun Elegance.  I changed a few colors as I always do, and can't remember if I used 28 or 32 count.  I think smalls will be in my Magma for a while and I'll search for a few this weekend. 
Enjoy your weekend and empty those cookie trays.  I'll be back with another little finish of Isobel's free chart you can find by clicking here - The Primitive Hare.  Thanks for visiting.
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