Dec 27, 2014

Burlap tree

Hello hello hello.  Just came home from errands and wanted to show what I found. 
I fell in love with this two foot burlap and rusty bell wrapped tree and wanted to create a large version for outside my kitchen window. 
The large tomato cages were not working without wrapping them first with wire or twine to create a more solid frame.  The burlap was falling into the open areas.  Stacking several cages would help and using a heavy twine over the entire cage would also make a great outdoor tree.  Since it wasn't working and I have no time or patience to do it properly, I put it off for now. 
Then I ran into my local craft store for a quick browse and found this five foot grapevine on a better frame for only $12.50.  I can add more vines, twine, or wrap in burlap strips.  Clear strung lights on brown wire mixed in with thin grapevines will encircle the tree.  I think it will look great outside and hold up for years.  I don't know if I will work on it before I put it away or wait until next year.  Hmmm.  I could forget by then - best work on it now - maybe February?
Have a good day everyone.


Penny said...

Love it! I have been on the lookout for a big grapevine tree like that one, too! I think your's is great and will be perfect for outside your kitchen window!

Penny said...

BTW, I also love the burlap tree you picked up! What a great idea!!

gracie said...

Thanks for the tree ideas for next year.

Truus said...

Love this burlap tree you picked up.
Take care Marly and I'll pray for your family.
greetings,Truus from the Netherlands

Anonymous said...

Great "find" for you! Would love to see the final tree. Thanks for sharing. SAH

backporchcarver said...

Love your idea with the tree and the lights. I think I will try the tomatoe cages and maybe some chicken wire I have here cause I don't have a source nearby for anything like what you found, love the idea though,Yours is going to look spectacular.

Mary said...

That grape vine great is quite a find...I need to look for something like that for my from steos, my sled is so yesterday. Sorry to all who just put one out this year...i have done for too many years the neighbors are getting tired of it. hahaha.

Rugs and Pugs said...

You always find the coolest things and have the best ideas that you so willingly share. Thank you.
Mary is wonderful!!!
Prayers for all your family.
Hugs :)

Robin in Virginia said...

What a great find with the grapevine tree! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Your burlap tree looks good as well!

Robin in Virginia

C M Designs said...

You find the best crafty, decorative items in your area.. I love your grapevine tree.. I like the idea of wrapping chicken wire around tomato cages too. I think that will be a project for me this summer.. Can't wait ! ! ! !
Thinking of you and hoping your loved ones on the sick list are getting better. Prayers, prayers and more prayers..
I hope your weekend will be peaceful.
Charlotte in Va.

Pam in IL said...

Very clever! I'm sure it will look great when you get it done.

Continued prayers for you and your family.

Barb said...

I think your purchase will work well. I put notes I might forget in the ornaments that I pack away. That way next year when I get them out, the note will be there. Yes, I have a very senior memory!!!!!

Maggee said...

I have a grapevine tree upstairs, with a purple twist. I will take a picture and post it on my blog later... Hope Carole is doing better, along with her son. If so, then maybe you are having a break and resting yourself! Big Hugs and Prayers, always!

Sam I Am...... said...

I love the burlap tree and I usually don't care for burlap.
What a great idea for your outside one. You're smart to do it now.

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