Dec 13, 2014

Mary's house

Hello people.  Hope your weekend is off to a good start.  I ventured out for shopping and came home with too much.  I just can't pass up a good sale.  I abhor looking for clothing for myself and get what I need online, but there are two babies in the family and how can you pass up their little outfits?  The 6 month old is wearing a helmet because of complications during birth and I tried to find a little hat that would fit over it.  I think I did but I plan on knitting one too.  Why is it so difficult to find hats for infants and babies?  I found toddler and only a few fitted others, nothing cute.  Summer was even worse when I tried to find a brimmed hat for the other baby for sun protection.  Anyway.... I also had to get away from the house.  We had another incident with an arrogant belligerent hunter who would not leave and is hunting with others behind my house.  Forget the PA Game Commission.  I was told many years ago that they can't do anything unless they actually witness the person discharging a weapon at the game within 150 yards of my house.  I kid you not.  So they are back there, with houses on three sides, using high powered rifles, and I can't do a thing.  You can't expect police to walk through the woods in their dark clothing while idiots are shooting at anything that moves and it's the Game Commission that should be responsible for enforcing their regulations.  But just like anything else in PA that my tax dollars fund, they are useless and inept at their responsibility.  But they get a hell of a pension.  I didn't want to hear any shots fired so I left the house but they can still hunt until dark.
So here's Mary's house, and I don't have much more to complete this sampler.

Poor Mary, like many of us, had a hard time deciding on what color to paint her house.  I made a few changes too.  Whether I will continue or switch to Jingle Bird will be decided this evening.  If I finish either, I will post the photos, but that's all until after the surgery.  I am getting more and more anxious - just can't stop remembering the scene the last time she had a procedure.  Even her cataract surgery was a disaster and that seems to always happen.  I'm trying to stay away from taking a pill to help me sleep, and my doc is arguing with me that I need counseling because I want a few 0.5 Ativan!  I tried to explain that aging, upcoming retirement, finances, and all the crap that comes with mid 60's bothers me SOMETIME and to add the stress of what we've been going through with family and pet losses, I want a freaking pill!  Not every day, not for long, just sometimes when I get over anxious.  I am not going for counseling.  Our very young, too young, irresponsible mothers in my old office were pregnant, taking care of infants, and their docs gave them Xanax, Ativan, Valium and others.  I'm just an old lady with hot flashes and a bad attitude.  GIVE ME THE FREAKING PILLS!!!!  She prescribed 30 and I only take half most times, so I should be OK.  One week to go and she will be out of the woods if all goes well.  And so will the hunters as the season ends. 
So I will be back, hopefully with great news the end of next week.
Until then my stitching buds, take care of yourself.
Thanks for visiting.

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