Jan 29, 2015

My messy house!

Now I have two.  One in thread and one in person.  Wait.  Better make it three - add my sister's. 
I know many of you will cringe at this, but I did not want a perfect pink sampler.  I love the original, its messy house, and its stains.  Most of my reproductions are done as charted, stretched, framed.  The most recent have color changes, some design changes, a crunch for wrinkles, deliberate staining, hanging from horsehair braid.  Have I become a purist?  Are you kidding?  I don't care about authenticity or proper period style,  I like early and simple. 

I can always wash out the coffee or walnut to some degree, use a steam iron, mount, and frame.  But not now.  My last ten samplers would still be in a drawer waiting for a framer instead of on my wall.  The staining on Abe will be light, just enough to tinge the pink a shade or two darker.
I used more tension in some rows and very loose stitches in others.  I went over some areas, sliding the needle beneath a number of stitches and lifted.  I had to remove some tails beneath.
The original's linen color was similar to a piece I have, but I didn't like it.  Now I'm sorry my fabric isn't a little warmer. 
  Remember when I was bitching about the linen creases?  My yardage is from years ago and when I opened it to (AUGH!) cut a piece off, every crease in the unbleached fabric is light and permanent.  The dark unbleached is the easiest to touch up with the ink pad and a thin brush on the light lines, but I have washed, wet, steamed....no change in the crease.  It was stored in a roll but it was too long folded before that.  
Yesterday we had a little sun but cold temps.  I made the brats go outside for a while and Bud took his sentry post and rotated that head for an hour looking for Yellow Cat.  They have completely destroyed the five toy mice I bought them.
Freezing rain right now so I am stuck at home again.  Good day to make soup.  The one with Italian sausage, basil, cabbage, zucchini, white beans, tomatoes and carrots.  I shouldn't take me longer than an hour to find the recipe.
Not sure if I will be exercising today.  The piece of cartilage that broke off in my left knee from the fall, has moved to a bad spot and I can't even go up steps again.  Do not want surgery and will wait until it moves to a better spot!
Have a fabulous day.
 Thanks for visiting.


C. M. Designs said...

I like the way your house looks before the staining.. Can't wait to see how it looks then.. It does have simple cross stitches, but I know if I did it, it wouldn't look as good as yours..
I finished another PS santa yesterday.. It's the one holding the stockings.. I'm pleased with it even unfinished..
Your soup sounds delicious.. I'm hungry for something really good to eat. Enjoy every morsel.
Bud sure is a handsome boy. I wish that yellow cat would find another town to live in.
Take care of your knee.. I wouldn't want surgery either..

blueladie said...

Love reading your blog and all of your 'doings'. How you do your reproductions, how you talk about your brats ( I love them ) your soup of the day (sounds good). Hope your cartilage moves to a more agreeable spot. Sending prayers. Cathryn

Maggee said...

Dang cartilage! I hope that it moves back to where it doesn't hurt any more! Gee! It is amazing that you know what to do to duplicate an old sampler, like pulling threads up/out, etc... not to mention the staining techniques you have! Hugs!

Frances N said...

Your stitching is lovely, just the way you are doing it!!!
What a cute photo of Bud! He looks like he's enjoying having his picture taken! The snow behind him is beautiful!
Hope your knee gets better!

celkalee said...

Love the house, every little quirk makes it perfect. I know about the aches and pains, I try not to even think about this hurting or that because it will flare up every time. Hope your knee feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

You pick such great samplers! I want to stitch this sampler too. Mouse

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
I LOVE your house and all your special ageing techniques!! I do lots of things to my folk art to make it look more primitive too and it really takes work to get that look but we know it is so worth it!! As to the other two houses, they will get done when they get done!! Just enjoy that stitching!!
Bud is really a handsome kitty and looks like he is posing!! Wish that bully cat would just leave them alone!!
Your soup sounds wonderful and I love cabbage in soups!!
Hope your knee feels better soon and that Carole is holding up!!
Warm Hugs~

Patricia said...

Well I LOVE your house and your blog and guess I'm your newest follower. Thank you so much for sharing everything you do. Patti xxx

capecodgirl565 said...

Your work looks fabulous as always! Bud is adorable, looks so sleek and healthy. Here in central Illinois, we are stuck in, pardon the expression, what I call big fart weather. Damp, gloomy and terribly dull. I know what you mean with the cartilage thing, I had a bone spur break off at the base of one of my increasingly arthritic fingers a while back and lodge in a not so good place. I couldn't use my hand for 2 weeks, and it stinks that it was my right hand. My prayers and sympathies heading your way!

Barb said...

The "old" look of Abe is great! If I were you, I'd baby that leg. Housework or exercising might annoy it!

Barbi said...

You're house is looking amazing. In fact besides the postman Santa, I think this is going to be one of your most interesting pieces. All your projects are great, but this has some great character. I don't envy you that slipped cartilage piece in your knee. I know that can be brutally painful!

Judy said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your knee. However, I may have some help for your linen. I do realize that some specialty linens should never see water, but others can. Full disclosure: This technique is for aida cloth, but I don't see why your couldn't try it on linen that can see water. I wish I had known about this one 30 years ago. Have a great night. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3F76-PjAxq0

Rugs and Pugs said...

I love your messy house!
Hope your knee feels better soon.
Hugs :)

Margaret said...

You can feel where the piece of cartilage is? Oh my gosh, that must be awful! :( Hope your knee feels better soon. I'm in agony thinking about it. Love the house btw!

Judy said...

I think you accomplished a perfect messy house look as in the original. The picture of Bud is priceless. He is saying "seriously you put me out here in this frozen jungle" Hope you found your recipe for the soup.

Judy Heartland stitcher

Kathy Barrick said...

I LOVE your house!!!! You go Girl!!!

Carol said...

Oh, I'm wincing in pain thinking about your knee, Marly! I can't imagine... Your house is perfect for you--I love how you're not afraid to just dive in and do whatever it takes to get that treasured old look that you love :)

Karen Martinsen said...

I love the piece you are working on - and when I try and make something look 'old' my type A personality kicks in and I have a difficult time making something look old - I need to let up.
Such beautiful work you do.
Cut kitty!!!

Ouch your knee sounds horribly sore...but I understand the 'not wanting surgery'.

Ele said...

Sorry about your knee
Well done on the house,
Have a relaxing weekend

Annie said...

Don't know if I've ever seen anyone approach a reproduction quite this way. "Studied shabby" I think I'd call it.

That knee sounds painful. Hope the cartilage moves to a more comfortable location. Take care.

Joy said...

I don't think it's messy, just creative! Hope your knee is better soon.

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