Apr 29, 2015

and then...BAM!

Hey.  What's happening?  Everyone OK?  Is it Sunday already? 
Not a lot of stitching going on here so what do I do?  Order more charts of course.
So here's how it happened.  Bonnie XLVIII, the stitcher who loves 48 count, sent me a photo of her Spot on 45 count before making it into a bag.  Here's a sneak peak of her 3 1/2" x 4" piece.  I said the size will make such a sweet bag.  Hmmm.  Sweet bag.  Sweet bag.  I remember such charts from years ago.  Sweet bag.  Bam!  Sharon Cohen!!!  And I'm off.  Drop everything and start searching for the charts like I have nothing else to do, no other charts in my stash, an urgency to have it now.  This is happening more often lately.  As luck would have it, Emlis had three of the charts and I was thrilled. 
 The English Rose Sweet bag.  I know this is embroidery or whatever but it's small enough to not be too challenging.  For some reason I swallowed hard after that statement.  It may not be as complicated as it looks, it's small, different, and could be truly enjoyable.  Or not.  Just in case I will hide the lighter.
The next one is the Sampler Sweet bag which was also featured in a magazine many years ago.  And rounding out number three is the Irish Pincushion #2.
Other Sharon Cohen Nostalgic Needle oldies I would like - 
I may have a source for the Tudor Flower bag, and I will continue the search for the Irish Pincushion #1.
Also in the search is the Queen's Sweet bag and the Tree of Life bookcover.  These two appear to be mostly cross stitch but I could be wrong.  They are my absolute favorites of the group and I would prefer stitching them first.  I have lots of time while working on Sally to hopefully acquire.
Can anyone tell me why I just had to have these projects that I passed on many years ago?  Especially since I am in a slump?  Maybe this is fresh and new from the usual for me and is just what I need.  In the search, I came across this book, looks interesting, will investigate.  The colors are gorgeous of course but I see them differently and on a darker background.
In keeping with this type of needlework, I was browsing the Antique Pattern Library which is such a great resource for older style needlework of all types.  You can view old publications and their patterns, one of which reminded me of these bags.
 This is from the Czecho-Slovakian Embroideries booklet.  Lots of beautiful stitching patterns and graphs for anything needle related that you can open in PDF to view, read, and print which is what I did with the drawing for this design.  And with my Frixion pen, I can trace it right on to the front of the linen and it will disappear when I want it to.
I am leaning toward a more early colonial look than primitive .... or something like that.  I just think that these bags would be wonderful showpieces and fit in nicely, something different than samplers. If I never stitch them, I will still have them to study and look over.
Being a long time award winning procrastinator, this impulsiveness is a mystery.
Quite time consuming too!
Does anyone know why I am missing new posts in the blog reader?  And still not receiving comment emails?  I sure hope they fix whatever is causing this.
Hope your week is going well.

Thanks for visiting.

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