Apr 26, 2015

Sally and I

Hello people.  How's your weekend going?  We've been cold enough to need coats, while younger folks were wearing flip flops and t-shirts.  I guess they can't wait and I don't blame them.
There's been more correcting and changing than stitching on Sally this week.  Not much progress.  I've been making errors on every single row and dividing band, many will stay.  Keeping my patience and not getting discouraged is more important.

The dividing band of buttonhole or blanket stitch (which I love to do) had a small area off one thread so I cut it in the middle and ran tails to both sides.  Haven't filled it back in yet.  A few letters above that area are up one thread and will stay that way.

Chain stitch on another dividing band was a nice change, kind of fun.  I seriously doubt I could have done this stitch on a higher count linen though (this is 28).
I'm almost done removing the rice stitch alphabet.  I didn't like the lighter thread and want to change to 433.  It looked OK, but I prefer the contrast of the darker shades.  I'm not really crazy about the rice stitch so I may even switch to regular cross.  It's going to be a really nice large piece with great colors....if I ever get involved enough.

Spent two days choosing wall colors and decided to go totally neutral and light.  Yellow casts, pinkish tones, too gray, too dull, too bright, yikes!  I think SW's Canvas Tan will be as neutral as possible and I was surprised to see their colors and some paints at Lowes.  Valspar's new Reserve claims to be completely washable and nothing will stick to it, so I decided to give it a try since we prefer flat paint.  
It will be May in less than a week.  Pretty soon I'll be complaining that summer is almost over!
I plan to show Ann's work on another one of her fabulous wallet projects, maybe this week.  The entire piece is done in Queen stitch.  I showed her work in this post last year.
 Have a great week.
Thanks for visiting.
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