Apr 12, 2015

The start

of weekly posts.  Sundays would be a good day to recap the week.  If there is breaking news, a new find, a dilemma, need for a rant, advice needed, or happy dance, I doubt I could wait but we'll see.  And I do have something important today. 
Do you remember Squeak?  The skinny cat that took me two years to approach and finally saw great improvement in his health?  The last time I showed him was in December during the Yellow Cat fiasco in this photo, the last time he was here was mid January.  We never saw him again and thought he was gone.  No way he could make it through that horrible winter, especially with heartless neighbors.  Guess who came to dinner last night? 
Well OK it was midnight, not dinner, but I was so excited to see him!  He devoured two cans of food while I stood watch for the big coons, and then ran back into the woods.  I don't know how, but he made it through.  Go Squeak!
Today was also the first day I was able to leave the house, and the start of floral dreams.  Some people like to put on the ritz, I like to put on the rust.  Waiting patiently to be brightened with color.  I drilled holes in the bottom of several old aluminum pots with handles for flowers. 

And the start of Sally did not go well.  Instead of coming down three stitches from the top border, I came down four.  Wasn't going to attempt moving the eyelet or the borders so the second alpha row is up one - good thing there was room in the design. I'm questioning my usual method of completing the left border and using it for row placement since it's such a large sampler. 
Hope you all have a great week.
Thanks for visiting.
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