Apr 10, 2015

Thank you

Wow.  The personal emails I received really touched me.  How thoughtful of you to take the time to let me know how you feel.  I don't count readers by comments left, but by the stats on the dashboard, and I also noticed many of my favorite blogs aren't posting as often.  But it's spring, season changes bring on additional chores and we're all more busy.  Blogging is also a record for me since I lose everything.  All I have to do is enter a chart name or subject in the top left box and I can search the entire blog.  Results are easily found instead of looking through paper files that are not where they should be. I do this on your blogs too to find older projects and info.
The last nine months of anxiety have been tough, but I also came home from Cleveland to learn that my sweet and wonderful friend has entered hospice.  I wasn't expecting that and needless to say, I think about her all the time.
Physically, I've been sick from something I ate that doesn't want to leave.  Nothing serious, just keeping me from doing things and going out.  Until it's completely gone, we're not lighting any candles or matches for fear of an explosion.  Mark is looking for a sign like this for the bathroom door.  Better today finally but it doesn't always last.
I started Sally last night on 28 count unbleached.  My 30 is lighter and the floss colors were not good, plus I want to use up the rolls of 28.  So I have a piece of 28 x 30 linen on my lap, a rice heating pad balanced on a spot of my back, my surgery foot elevated on a pillow, and a heavy cotton lap throw because of chills.  Bud will not stay away.  He comes out of nowhere, a fat black ball of fur with muddy white paws scaring the hell out of me, lands on the linen, the floss, the rice pack slips out, the pillow under my foot moves, and I have to start all over again after I remove his claws from the layers on my lap.  It's a slow process and getting pretty annoying.  At the same time, Missy and Nit know that Bud hurdled the barrier and they follow.  One runs upstairs, the other in mom's old rooms, and I have to get up and search for them.  By the time I get positioned and put all the layers back and grab that huge piece of linen, I have to pee.  Here we go again.
Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your kind words and compliments.  You made my day and I thank you.
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