May 27, 2015

And so it goes

Brain freezes are not always caused by cold drinks and ice cream.  And as much as I would like to blame menopause, men are affected too.  My husband went golfing with his shirt inside out the other day.  I always hang his golf shirts inside out to avoid the pointed shoulders, he knows this, but I can't say too much. 
I took my sister to the doctor like this.  Not too noticeable, but still obvious to patients in waiting rooms that stare down at the floor.  I was trying to determine which felt better on my still swollen foot and just forgot to change the other (I've had enough of the big shoe). 
And get this - the Latitude device that sends her pacemaker signals for monitoring since she is totally dependent on it, was the wrong one.  No info, no help if something was malfunctioning.  They finally realized it after months and we picked up the compatible unit today.
Since I was driving, she didn't notice the shiny metal in my hair until we got in the exam room and I was on her right.  This is how a selfie reenactment looks when you don't have a smart phone.  Didn't want to leave out the crooked fingers.  I had a few 4" curved wave clips to hold my hair back until it dried that kind of got lost in the mess.  Would have much preferred a brain freeze from ice cream.  Or Arby's orange cream shake - out of this world good.
I started working on Sally again.  When I mentioned to Patti that I was losing interest and maybe would stop stitching for a while, she said NOOOO!  Don't stop!  So I will continue this big girl. 
Bonnie Olson sent photos of her over one 32 count Memory Keeper and said it was OK to share with you.  If it would actually help me keep my memory, I would stitch it over one on 40 count!  But of course it won't.
The design is by Workbasket and her finish is 6 1/2" square instead of 12" or 13" over two.  Very nice either way but I am liking the smaller finishes more and more. 
Fully lined and ready to hold treasures.  Gorgeousness!!
For the Love chart offer, I just printed names on paper and drew one since I didn't need Random to help.   Dede's name was drawn and I will notify her shortly.  Thanks to everyone for participating.

And now for more boring crap.  The Blue Angels are still growing...

This one is unknown but it gets tall with a nice top spread, allowing lots of room beneath for annuals.  Or bazillions of maple whirlygighickeys.

 I am so glad I bought the Supertunia Vista Bubble Gum.  What a pink.  I never had a plant with so many continuous flowers.  Anxious to see them a month from now.

Patti's visitation and service is tomorrow.  I am so immature and many times have just lost control so with no disrespect intended, I usually have to get in and out quickly.

I think that's it for now. 
Enjoy your weekend and stay safe.

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