May 31, 2015

Repurposed linen

Hiya.  Started cleaning the mess again.  Still have mystery linens I don't care for and no desire to stitch a row to determine the count.  I got rid of so much Klostern and cork linen, but found more burlap feeling low count pieces.  One seems to be 14 count and the larger piece is 20.  Some sites list cork linen as 18 and others 20 so does this mean there are two counts?  At the same time, I was looking for a mat to rest my coffee cup on and thought - why not cut this up for mats? 

So I did.  Moisture may still go through so I may pad and line the back of a few, but the majority of them will be for preventing scratches on the soapstone and other surfaces.  (I knew soapstone would scratch and chip if hit but this is ridiculous.) I think the long thin piece would be nice as a table runner under a wooden bowl. 

This square piece (18 count) will be stained/dyed and used as a cloth over ????.  I don't use tablecloths or fine linens or doilies, but I have to say that I don't object to this very rough looking linen under a display or hanging on a bench.  In fact, after some real aging, I think I will like it a lot.  Possibly a hanging sack for the turkey feathers my cousin gave to me.

I just cut and fringed, then folded and cut into the fringe so it's not perfectly even and nice looking. 
Still have several pieces and you can only use so many mats and runners.  The sack is sounding like a good idea.  How about sachets?  Soap bags?  I'll find other ways to use it up since I will never stitch on it.
Then I found this wicked looking thing. Obviously something to put on your finger tip but it looked so disturbing I didn't want to take a picture wearing it.  What is it?
Edited - M left a comment informing me that this is a laying tool.  Something tells me I would poke my eye out with it.


As for the turtle, he was a painted turtle, not unlike many that Mark has found while fishing.  They burrow into the mud at water's edge and hibernate over winter. 
The hostas - no fertilizer.  The Blue Angel is one of the largest of the hostas and needs no help. If you'd like to see the varieties of giant hostas, go to this site, or another nursery here.

Thirty years ago today, the F5 tornado took Mark's best friend along with others within a mile of our house.  We were on the back side and never had the hail, the wind, nothing.  But we heard the terrifying roar.

More Arby's orange cream shakes this weekend.  Can't get enough.
Have a great week - stay safe.

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