Jun 1, 2015


Already!  Soon I'll be complaining that summer is over.
Sally will be larger than Lucy.  And Marlene is as large as she has ever been.

Wanted to stitch this for Patti but she deteriorated much sooner than I expected and it was not recommended by family to visit.  Still plan on stitching with our initials, softer dress colors.  I was going to do them in pink for breast cancer but decided not to define her by that reference.
Tonight will be a bloody battle of flea control application.  I almost never get it anywhere but on their hair.  Found three ticks, one alive on my floor.  That's quite enough.
After storms and torrential rains, we are freezing today.  Working on the leg aprons for the cabinets.
Thanks for identifying the Trolley Needle.  I looked up the item and am glad I did.  First of all, I was wearing it upside down (with needle on top of the finger) but I also saw other uses.  One is for feeding material through the sewing machine, another is opening seams when pressing with a hot iron.   I have the silicone finger guards (but where?), this skinny helper will be much better.  Thanks!!!
Have a wonderful day!!


Jacqueline said...

It doesn't feel like June does it! A/c Saturday and heat running Monday for warmth and to help dry out the basement from all the weekend rain.

Good luck with the cats and flea applications.

Vickie said...

Nothing escapes Missy, does it?

C. M. Designs said...

Sally is looking good. Keep on, keeping on with her..
The Sisters of the Heart piece will be so special and in memory of your dear friend.
Can't believe June is here already either. After the 4th of July one might as well say the year is all down hill from there..
Enjoy your stitching, hostas, petunias and the work on your kitchen.
Charlotte in Virginia

Barb said...

That's going to be quite the sampler! I think you are so wise to avoid the pink. I have a very dear friend who has survived and she does not want to be defined that way at all so she just sort of avoids all the pink stuff. I am so sorry you lost such a good friend. I know how much I worried when my friend was diagnosed.

Frances N said...

Your sampler is lovely! It will be really beautiful when finished!
Love the kitty picture!
What a sweet friendship pattern, and a wonderful way to remember your friend!
It is unbelievable that we are now in June...this year is flying by! It is already hot and humid where I live. We'll be over it by November, at the latest!!!

Robin said...

Great progress on your sampler! I really like the piece you had picked out for Patti. Perhaps stitch one dress is Patti's favorite color and one dress in yours. Good luck with flea duty! The ticks have been bad this spring.

Robin in Virginia

laceystitcher said...

Love the Sister of the Heart pattern that you plan to stitch; I like your idea for the dresses and it will be such a nice tribute to the friendship you had with her. Grace and peace to you................

Rugs and Pugs said...

Crazy weather. Like other said, A/C one day, furnace the next. Electric blanket and heated car seats, too.
Hugs :)

diamondc said...

calendar says June but feels like Sept. oh no fleas icky poopoo.
Sister Of The Heart Pattern is lovely.
Your Sampler is amazing, love the vintage looking colors.


Truus said...

Good luck with cathing the fleas and ticks.My kitties don't come outside because of the busy road so they don't have fleas.But I got some ticks working in the garden.
Love the Sisters of the Heart sampler.I will make a sampler for my 2 sisters who have had breastcancer-one is still with us.
The weather is here also like autumn and in 2 days it will here about 26 Celsius.
Enjoy your stitches
Truus from Holland

Margaret said...

Ugh! Good luck with the flea/tick control!

Primitive Stars said...

I know Marly, June already. I have been finding ticks on Angel, yuk.. Good luck, Francine.

Pam in IL said...

I never thought I'd be using the furnace in June, but I did. Glad it's warming up again now. The ticks are already bad here too. I like your idea for stitching Sisters of the Heart.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Six of my high school friends (graduated 50 years ago!) come to my house one weekend every year to renew our friendship....we call ourselves Sisters of the Heart. Your sisters piece is calling to me. We lost one to cancer at Christmas - her third bout with it. There's a hole in my heart...
Once, long years ago, we got fleas from a stray cat that had kittens under our house. The fleas came up through the floor! It took about 5 visits from the pest control guy to get rid of them. My motto now is treat early and treat often. :) blessings, marlene

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