Jun 5, 2015

Linens by Design

aka Birds of a Feather linen.  Several requests for where I purchased my pieces and since then, not much left.  To Lisa B., I could not answer with the source because you are no-reply and your email is not listed in your profile either.  Sorry!  I also found out that AOL accounts are not the only comments that are not sent to my email, Yahoo isn't either.  Google, grow up.  Play nice.  Let these nice folks through to our email!
There isn't much linen left at all since a few days ago.  They had several other colors that are now gone and a large piece of Meadow Lark - gone.  Guess the Google search was on.  I found it somewhere else too but I had to clear the cache from computer problems and lost the source.  So anyway, Needle in a Haystack fabric page for them is here.  I think it's discontinued so it's hot stuff.
And speaking of hot stuff, I have never had Jalapenos this hot.  I used a grapefruit knife to core out the seeds and all the ribs, but it didn't help one bit.  I showed these before and we love them, but for the first time could not eat them.  We removed the breakfast sausage which was precooked and they were fiery too, but edible.
Forget what the doctor said - I needed dark chocolate to calm the mouth burn!!  Ahhh.  Never said to stay away from spicy foods, just caffeine. Many Sweet Teas with little ice tore up my stomach pretty good from the acid and caffeine.  Still not healed.  (I drink decaf).
That's it.  Taking my time painting and feeling like an old lady.  Arthritis is getting bad fast and it shows in my walk.  I used to go like a bat outta hell but that turtle we saved could probably beat me now.
Have a great weekend!!


Robin said...

Those peppers looked very good, but I have issues eating overly spicy stuff. Have a wonderful weekend!

Robin in Virginia

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
I have been meaning to tell you how much I love your header!! I'm assuming it is your house and I must say I love it!!!!
Those peppers are small but I know they can really scorch your mouth and then burn all the way down!! I love spicy but not that hot!!!
Have a great weekend!!!
Warm Hugs~

cucki said...

Interesting pepper and I love them
Hugs x

Truus said...

Love the red perlagoniums in the sink buckets for your home.
Don't love the spicy foods because they give me problems.
Hope you do have medicins for your arthritis. Don't be too busy so the pain will calm down.
Have a calm weekend
Truus from Holland

Margaret said...

I know the feeling with the arthritis. And I think I'm younger than you are from what you've said. Ugh. It's too bad the BOAF people stopped making linens and designs. I think their designs are on needlepoint canvases now though.

Anonymous said...

Em-Li's also carries a bit of BOF linen, 36 and 32 count.

Peppers look wonderful!!


StitchinByTheLake said...

Marly have you ever heard of Tart Cherry Extract? My husband and I both take it and I think it really takes the edge off the inflammation of arthritis. I buy it at WalMart or Walgreens - it's with the vitamins and usually with the C's when they are alphabetical. It's worth a try to see if it helps you. Cherry juice works too but it's so high in calories I won't drink it. blessings, marlene

Lisa B. said...

You are oh so sweet for letting me know about the linen and also that you couldn't respond. I will see what I need to do to fix my Google account. I just placed an order and will see if I can get anything at all. Thank you so much again. Oh my my - those peppers? I couldn't do it - you are very very brave. Chocolate heals everything - LOL.

Karen Martinsen said...

Google has caused more problems now and in the past it's too hard to remember what they all were - I guess we don't have a 'fix'. It has to be on their end.

How sweet of you to help Lisa B find the fabric. Funny how things go on the internet when someone wants something and then all of a sudden it becomes this hot commodity and it sells out FAST.

Never had 'fresh' Jalapenos peppers - just the one's from jars and in poppers. Our son grows them but has never given us any LOL

Chocolate....doesn't choc. have caffeine in it? Did I just make that up? lol
Iced tea is a favorite of mine when we are traveling in the summer. Don't know why but that seems to be the only time I drink it. But oh the caffeine makes me crazy and also I get an instant headache from ice tea/tea.

I hear ya on the Arthritis - it's in my hips and groin area (as well as a few other places) and it hurts like you said.
Sending some healing prayers your way my friend.


Maggee said...

I might cook those sausages in peppers for someone else, but I should not and will not eat them! My tummy is sensitive enough! Relax! Enjoy the weekend! Hugs!

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

OMG Marly, I could never de-seed those wonderful jalapenos with out gloves or using a plastic sandwich bag for gloves. My face sweats profusely when i eat any hot foods and I love them all. Tummy has not been so agreeable lately and that goes along with the 'golden years' crap!
YUP, if I remember correctly I am several (13?) years older and the arthritis really takes it tole. My knees, feet, hips, back, shoulders ... well you name it my whole body suffers. Can hardly climb stairs anymore and to think I was always climbing trees as a kid. It was a real chore when we baby sat our grandson last month and the bedrooms were all upstairs. I slept on the downstairs sofa after my first nite upstairs which was by the way, close to a bath room. Well enough said, I am sure you got the picture ... Just gots to keep my hands busy and so far so good.

Yes, many thanks for your comment and words of encouragement. Being retired now provides the time to try many interests I could never before tackle. I am LUV'G it.

Love visiting you, take care and enjoy the day with Peace and Blessings as always,

Theresa said...

My stomach can't tolerate that spicy food either. I love tea but I
take it easy on it as it can speed me up way too much.
I have arthritis too and I know its not fun. I have slowed a lot too, so dont feel alone. Feel better. Theresa

Rugs and Pugs said...

This growing old is not for sissies!!! What the he** happened? I get down and I can barely get up. ACK!!!!!!
Hugs :)

C. M. Designs said...

I'm back to decaf tea. Had to give up coffee..........didn't agree with my stomach. Found the best chocolate chip bread and enjoyed a smidgeon of peanut butter on it.....Can't eat peanut butter anymore either..
I sit for a while and when I get up the left hip doesn't want to cooperate. Takes a few minutes for me to walk normally.
I agree with "Rugs and Pugs".........
Enjoy the weekend.. We're supposed to have some hot weather coming.
Charlotte in Virginia

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