Jun 7, 2015

The safety pin

Good day fellow stitchers.  I hope your weekend is enjoyable and peaceful.
The early sun rays are breaking through....
the pinks are showing off,
the giants are showing their blue,
Mom's old chipped planter is gleaming against the dark shadows.
What a quiet, peaceful, and beautiful morning.  Until the scream of Yellow Cat, Nit, and Missy in a brawl.  Good grief.  I think the cat is a stray that just wants food but unlike Squeak (who hasn't been here in almost a month), they will not tolerate him and vice versa.  I don't know what to do.  He is extremely skittish, and too smart for a trap.  I think he would hurt himself if he was trapped, but my goofball Nitzy would probably be the one in it all the time.
As for stitching, nothing.  Buying more charts and linen, but when I got to Sally's over one part, I pooped out.  I think I may have to set her aside and do something small before the mojo takes a hike.  I will definitely finish Sally, but if it's not the right time, I should switch to a small.
 So I've been messing around with pieces that are not in their final pose yet.  It would be easy if everything I did was framed but as you know, it's not.  Originally I mentioned doing a side-sack (you know I love sacks) of Hannah Haines but ended up with a stuffed pillow.  This is how I closed her on one end, just in case!

And here she is today.  Took off the pin, pulled out the batting, added the leather.  I can always go back to the pillow.  Just like cutting down the button sampler from the larger size, I like to keep the options open and usually don't cut off all the excess linen.  Glued?  I've been able to open the seams even though it's permanent.  Putting it in the freezer usually makes ungluing anything easier.  Except wood. I like safety pins even though my life started out with a very unpleasant experience.  I screamed and screamed all the way home from the hospital.  Once there, opening my blanket revealed blood on the diaper.  The nurse had gone deep through my skin with the pin.  In those days of long ago, there was one large pin in the center and I had a little scar by my navel until I was an adult. 
I wanted to show you how Truus from the Netherlands finished my Bold Heart.  A tray - isn't this a great idea?  She changed the color too.  Thank you Truus!!
I'm going to sit outside with coffee for a while, trying to locate Nitzy who took off into the woods when I broke up the fight.  Stupid tiny Missy jumped into the fray too.  Someone will definitely be hurt and needing attention.  I did after attempting to de-flea Nit.  Which hand did he get?  The arthritic one of course.  That's an expensive little vial to waste, and I wish manufacturers would give people a break.  Ridiculously expensive for people that take in strays and have many pets.  They are miserable with fleas and ticks and owners can't afford that kind of money every month.
Thanks for the suggestions on OTC remedies for the stiffness and pain.  As long as I can crush, chop, split, or chew a pill, I'll get it down. 
Have a great week!
Thanks for visiting.


AliceKiss said...


KimM said...

WOW! Beautiful finishes - love, LOVE the tray!!!

Anonymous said...

I have lots of rescued cats. I purchase Frontline for large dogs, place in a glass jar and dose out 0.4cc per cat. A real cost savings.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
I just cringed when I read about how you were stuck by a pin as a newborn!!
Poor You!!! No wonder you were screaming!!! You are NOT a pincushion!!
When we lived in PA, our Springer Spaniel really attracted fleas badly and it was a constant battle!!! Can't even imagine dealing with all those kitties!!!
Hope your hand feels better soon!!
Love your bag with the feathers......beautiful!!
Take care and stay safe!
Warm Hugs~

Cricket-bug Corner said...

love the sack - I want to make some but then I jump into other projects. I hope your kitties are ok after their fight!

C. M. Designs said...

Your flowers/hostas are gorgeous.. Both kinds look so healthy.
It's too bad your parents couldn't have filed a malpractice case when they found the pin stuck in you. What a dreadful thing to happen to you..........an innocent little baby.
I hope your kitties will be okay. Also wish that yellow cat would find another area to harass.

If Sally is giving you a fit, do something that you'll enjoy. You may hate her if you keep going. I'd love to see a Santa. :O)

I'm just about finished stitching your "forgive sampler".. I need to start getting all of the pieces that I've done since January and get them ready for Christmas, etc.

We've had a delightful weekend as far as weather goes.. Will be hot from now on. Weather man said no more cool weather until September. UGH !
Have a wonderful week that is coming.
Charlotte in Virginia

Jacqueline said...

I always enjoy reading your posts!

Krista said...

Lovely flowers blooming at your house! The new finish is great, love it! xxx

M said...

Everything is so pretty!
For the cats it is cheaper to buy a large dog size tube. Use a needle-less syringe to apply a cat size amount. I squeeze the tube into a clean prescription pill bottle for easy drawing and storage of leftovers. This is an option for both Frontline and Advantage, though not for their full lines of product. Talk to your vet office for specifics. 2 of my vets recommended this 10+ years ago, to save money, when I ended up with a mess of emergency rescue strays. Saves a ton each month, if you are needing to treat many. Vet gave me the pill bottle and appropriate size syringe. They can be used over and over.

Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Marly, your pink petunias have really grown, are they the petunias that have to be pinched or the new wave variety? Your track and bag are wonderful too. I surely know what you mean about flea stuff, with all my critters I could go broke. I have found the last two years that by putting flea stuff on the dogs and the one cat that goes outside sometimes, I can manage to avoid fleas without having to put it on all the other indoor cats. Then there is the heart worm stuff too... There is another outside feral cat that has been coming since last year, I'm sure she was pregnant and had her kittens, but I don't know where she had them Unless she brings them up to feed, I'll never know. Have a nice week!

Anonymous said...

Marly, I just love your projects and the ways you've finished them!!

Mary A said...

Hi Marly,
Yes! I wish the manufacturers would give us all a break! I think they've recouped their development cost and then some many times over! I have read the comments here and my vet always told me NOT to use dog flea products on cats (I think it even says that on the flyer that comes with the product). My vet said dog advantage is toxic to cats. Now I wonder if dog Frontline is ok? The generic stuff isn't as effective as the name brand. 2 years ago I took in a dominant male cat and had him neutered and he still fights my other neutered male cat....

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your plants are so beautiful. My poor yard has been neglected. Just not enough hours in the day...sigh.
Your finishes are always lovely ~ so creative.
Hugs :)

Barb said...

The flowers and the hosta look wonderful. I love the bag design,I really want to try one of those.

cucki said...

Wow so beautiful xx

Truus said...

Love the hosta's outside your home.Hope your hand will heal soon.
Thanks for showing my little tray(15x15cm) with your heart-design.
greetings,Truus from the Netherlands

Jeannine520 said...

Hi Marly,

I use Advantage II for extra large dogs. I do most of the cats in my neighborhood and it's really the only economical way to go about it. I dump a couple of vials into a shot glass (enough for 11 cats) and use a syringe to measure out 0.7ml and get to work. There are some flea products for dogs that have ingredients that are harmful to cats so be careful in which you chose. If you have any trouble shoot me an email and I'll do a double check and give you the name or link to the exact product I use.

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