Jul 31, 2015

...and the funnel...and Ruth

Hiya.  Forgot to show you the wooden funnel I got too.  Never saw one of these either.  The stem appears to be broken at the tip, very thin wood there but the rest is substantial.  Very fine turning grooves, barely visible.
I wasn't going to take it but Mark thought it was nice so it's mine.  I decided to keep the monster bowl.  I tried propping it against the wall on top of a cupboard but it's hard to stabilize.  It's much bigger than the top of my stool but I will eventually find a spot.  I plan on cleaning it with Murphy's Oil Soap.  The funnel is pretty clean and I read that they were used for cider instead of metal which reacted with it.  I'm sure they had other uses too.
I don't care for vegetables but I do like this.
Cut the sprouts in half, brown cut side down in large fry pan with minimal oil.  Add some (3/4 - 1 cup) chicken broth and golden raisins, a little sugar if needed, a little salt, cover on low until tender.  Just roasting them in the oven at high temp, cut side down, is good too but Mark loves these.
Ruth.  Aged.
 Of course I changed some colors, moved the large vase over one, changed the base of it, added green for the leaves, and then moved up the Ruth box.  I wasn't going to stitch it at all because I didn't like it just hanging there by itself.  I could have added some motifs or border along with it at the bottom, and depending on the finishing, may put it back where it belongs if I need more height to the piece.  Not sure what it will be yet.  The large vase is stitched over 3 and once I got the first row done (I started with the vase top edge) the rest was easy because I followed their placement.  I used two strands instead of one that is called for.
Have a great weekend!!
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